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Mary-Bonner Baker, Actress, Writer And Star, Highlight Hollywood News

Mary-Bonner Baker is one of the most outstanding new leading ladies who has arrived in Hollywood in years. Every once in a while, there is a standout  performance or a striking beauty, who is not only just a pretty face,  but a smart actor who knows the nuances of what makes someone a star in  Hollywood. Texas-born stunner Mary Baker is just that woman, who is the  younger version of Meryl Streep, and a slightly older version of Natalie Portman, all rolled into one spectacular actress.

The woman who, with one pivotal scene, became a breakout star in the film “Charlie Wilson’s War” in 2007 also lavishes praise on that film’s co-star Tom Hanks. “I  was on the set for three weeks and he’s the most gracious man. I was in  heaven watching this film be made and I still cannot believe I was lucky enough to be part of such a great movie. The young actress did actually meet the real Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson, as she spent a major  part of her youth growing up in and around Washington, D.C. Now the  blonde beauty has just completed yet another political role, starring in filmmaker Arman Cole’s short-film titled “Spring Without Sun.” This is a must-see film that will make you think about politics and how its an  industry that can create splendor or pain.

Mary Bonner is the  daughter of the former Secretary of State James Baker and bestselling  author Susan Garrett Baker. Being part of one of the most distinguished  political families in the nation and having to be around politicians is  nothing new for the actress. Her father worked for both Presidents  Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush in various positions within their administrations. This helps make Mary Bonner-Baker the perfect  actress to play in high stakes political dramas on screen. The Princeton University graduate finds her current role even more fascinating than  her previous political acting parts. “This role is about a male  politician who is a state legislator in Texas, who has a secret affair  with a male staffer, and it is revealed during a political campaign. I  play the campaign manager, and lets just say, my character is not happy  about being blindsided with this scandal during the election and she’s  equally as angry and mortified by the fact that her own career may go  down in flames alongside the politician’s, who she has lots of back  story with. They were college friends, and she believed in him and has  spent years building up his political stardom, only to see it crumble  because of his lack of integrity and honesty. So his betrayal stings on  many levels. It was an exciting part to play. We just finished filming  last weekend,” said the actress.

“I seem to be  coming full circle in my career as far as political roles go, but as an  actor I am always happy to be working. Not only did I just complete this wonderful short-film with Arman [Cole] but in addition to “Charlie  Wilson’s War,” being a political film, I also worked in “Recount” in  2008, which aired on HBO,” said the star. Though politics was not her  choice, acting was. It seems her family’s esteemed past has given her  the edge over competing actresses who may not understand the inside  facts in politics.

Other acting roles include parts in the television shows “The Agency”  and HBO’s “Big Love.” The talented actress has recently completed  filming of “The Big Valley,” which is currently one of the most  anticipated films about to hit theaters in 2011. Mary has many great  roles as an actress in her future, but she doesn’t want to let go of  another passion she has, that of writing. “I love acting and I love  working on screen and on stage, however, writing is also something I  enjoy doing. Success as an actor takes perseverance. There are times you just ask yourself, if it’s all worth it, then you realize it is.  However, when it comes to writing, you realize unlike acting, that you  are the creator, that it is your view being made with the story. When  you are acting, you are helping to create the writer’s vision of the  world. It’s all interesting and very exciting and I’m glad to be doing  what I love doing most,” concluded the star.
Mary-BonnerBaker is a name we’ll all hear more of in the coming months and years, and her  beautiful face is destined to be splashed across the priciest section of Sunset Boulevard’s skyline. With such strong family values, innate  talent as an actress and writer and such striking beauty, she’s on track to becoming the next Loretta Young in Hollywood.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: File
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