Douglas Tait's Happy Halloween To You, An Exclusive‏

Actor Douglas Tait, who is known the world over as the famous monster man of Hollywood spoke exclusively with Highlight Hollywood about his roles as some of cinema’s most famous monsters.  Doug wants to wish all of his fans and our readers a Happy Halloween!

Q-Doug, You’ve been doing a lot of traveling around the world over the past year for movie and horror movie conventions. Are you amazed by the excitement of the fans to your work?

A-“Yes, I am always amazed at how certain films touch peoples lives and bring such excitement to them. I feel like a lot of the people that attend these conventions have much simpler lives than us in Hollywood. They live for watching horror films and they save there money for conventions and for meeting there favorite actors in the movies. I am fortunate to have Sean Clark who owns Convention All-Stars. He is a film writer, and a true fan of Horror. Sean weeds out the bad ones and gets me booked into the good ones.

Q-What is your next horror film to be released?

A-“Knights Of Badassdom” and “ Jack The Reaper” will be released some time next year. I am really proud of both of those films.

Q-How are things going on “The Chauffeur” and other projects you are producing and acting in?

A-“Tommy, we put ‘The Chauffeur’ on hold because everyone involved is busy with other projects. I will star and produce another ‘Jack The Reaper’ film next year which will take place in a different location than the last. Isabel Cueva and I are producing a 1940s short ‘Linda Jones,’ and I am leaving for Mississippi on Thursday to play a vampire in a Horror film.”

Q-Which of the movie characters have you starred as, that you enjoyed the most?

A-“I have to say the character I enjoyed the most was The Long Face Bar Alien in ‘Star Trek.’ He was a big guy and he had such a sad look to him. When I was playing him I felt like there was a lot going on with me and the character in the scene. Plus working with those actors and the talented J.J. Abrams was a great experience.”

Q-Any you enjoyed the least, say because of the long hours in the makeup chair?

A-“I played a Demon last year in a film called ‘Stitch’ and I was covered in blood. The blood would stick to my skin when it dried. In one particular scene, I was laying on the floor while the camera set up and when I tried to get up my skin was stuck to the floor. They had to spray water under me and slowly un-stick my skin from the floor!”


Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett


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