Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

‘DWTS’ Fright Night! Vote J.R. Martinez

Tonight on the soundstage at CBS Television City in Hollywood, we witnessed the rise of Ricki Lake, yet again! After the team dance competition tonight, I felt so sorry for J.R. Martinez, who was stuck picking the one dancer no one else wanted on their team! Like the girl in grade school, frumpy and unpopular, J.R. put on a smile and brought one of the most untalented people on TV into his fold. It didn’t work out so well, but that’s what a real American hero does. He or she takes the lumps they are given and come out on top. Like J.R. did in Iraq, he proves he’s gallant, a strong warrior both on the battle field and on the ballroom floor, and this man is filled with a dignity that I hope voters will prove matters most in any dancing competition.

During the competition, they put the “plump” rotund dancer in the middle of the other two duos so that it would look better, but the attention that is normally paid to the center stage proved what outlandishly bad dancing this lady is, despite her very her handsome Irish dancing pro, who has a measure of class that constantly showcases itself during loud rehearsals and the people on Third Street complain she’s always outside trying to flag down TMZ cameras to get her 15-minutes of fame! It now feels like an hour of the worst TV show or film you could ever see! What is really tragic, is that Chaz both lost weight and got better at dancing, until he was wrongly voted off last week. This dame is not losing weight, gaining grace or class, and unfortunately her partner will be remembered as a mediocre dancer next year when he’s placed with someone, hopefully who deserves to be called a “Star” or celebrity. The show this year had less star power than ever before, but it’s a real shame Chaz had to go, while the cable news scream queen remained on the show only to brag about where her money will be donated. Some people in this town donate money to help others on a daily basis, and never brag about it. Maybe she’s trying to guilt her fans to vote for her, even though she knows she’s not worthy to be on this show.

Ricki Lake, David Arquette and J.R. Martinez really shined tonight! Despite the tabloid camera bulb-chasing queen from the east coast overshadowing every other dancer by being so dastardly awful and sloppy! Maybe when it gets down to the last few, the judges will stop pandering to the pity vote and be tough. Every other dancer has improved greatly, and even though Maksim had to yell at Judge Len to get any headlines, he’s extremely intense, talented, handsome and I only wish he had been paired with the worst dancer ever on the history of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” He’d have given her an earful by now!

Rob Kardashian did a wonderful job tonight! His fan following continues to grow, thanks to newly split sister Kim. Please send the bickering peroxide blonde home to NYC, so that she can go back on her show and talk about her children until there is another tragedy she can make fun of, and get some ratings with. It’s really unfair to such great stars, no, real stars, to be on the stage with someone who does deserve to be respected for her knowledge of the law, but anything further is indeed a stretch! Please vote tonight for J.R. Martinez, don’t let him or anyone else follow the path of Chaz Bono and all the others exiled from the show to go long before the one who really deserves to hit the road is finally sent home! Harvey Levin and TMZ will thank you out in voting America if they can be left alone to follow people who really have the right to call themselves stars!

Vote for J.R. to stay on, please! 1-800-868-3410 or Text “Vote” to 3410.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: ABC Television
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