Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Halloween Tips From ‘General Hospital’ Star Towers

Every Halloween I have to ask Beverly Hills Socialite Constance Towers, who has starred opposite John Wayne, Glenn Ford, William Holden, Michael Douglas, Yul Brynner and Anthony (Tony) Geary about Halloween party ideas! This year I’ll be spending the pagan holiday at the beautiful Beverly Hills estate of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” beloved star Adrianne Maloof. However, Towers, who has been married for decades to the successful and revered businessman and former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, John Gavin, often entertains, and unlike me, she’s lucky enough not to have to worry about budget. But readers of Highlight Hollywood can expect the beautiful star of the soap opera “General Hospital” to give great advice. Lets hope when I show up and ring her doorbell tonight that it’s Connie I run into and not her evil alter ego on television Greek goddess Helena.

“Halloween is the most fun of all of the holidays. Just like my character on ‘General Hospital’(Helena Cassadine), it’s OVER THE TOP, Tommy! Nothing is too wild, too bazaar, nor too scary,” said the elegant Irish American film and stage star. “In preparing to entertain on Halloween, I always start with the outside of the house first. If you are doing a calm, traditional Halloween, lit pumpkins on the porch, chrysanthemums in burnished orange, yellow and wine colors clustered around are lovely. A little straw and scarecrows really set the scene. And of course a bowl of candy for trick or treaters; nothing scary,” said Towers.

“HOWEVER, if you want to go all out and be scary and weird: a cemetery in the front yard with sound machines yowling like wolves and coyotes really creates an immediate feeling of the eerie side of Halloween,” the Beverly Hills socialite continued. “Smoke machines, and figures dressed as death itself, huge black furry spiders that move up and down on a cord unexpectedly, a cackling witch, and a ghost or two will scare anyone young or old. Inside the house just candle light can create flickering shadows, a hand that
moves out of a bowl of foggy dry ice is a good effect.”

Now what about the menu, Connie? “As for food to name: Boiled frogs leg soup is a good starter, fried chicken wing bones, baked eyes of potatoes, unearthed cemetery remains for a main course, and tombstone soufflé make for a fun menu. A black table cloth with orange napkins, black candles dripping wax and orange flowers create an unmistakable Halloween look. Cob webs and spider webs can be used anywhere,” said “General Hospital’s” Helena. Maybe it was not Helena. But I could have sworn it was Helena when she said, Boiled frogs leg soup. Really? Connie, I’m from the country. We stopped eating things we found in the springs and creeks over forty years ago.

“Sorry, Tommy! You asked for the best ideas. Here’s another. Any “Friday the 13th” movies are great after dinner entertainment. Probably a sleeping pill if you live alone and don’t have a burglar alarm, it might be wise to have on hand after the guests leave especially if you live on a lonely dark street or up in the hills away from civilization.
Happy rapid heart beats and startled screams,” concluded Constance Towers, who is also President of the esteemed L.A. Blue Ribbon Panel.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph is Courtesy: Mara Magliarditi Photography
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