Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Highlight Hollywood’s Editor’s Note‏

This has been an exciting week for me at The week started out as many do, filled with lots of excitement for the days ahead, filled with auditions, meetings and interviews. Being a press agent is not only a full time job, but my most important. My clients put their lives and careers in my hands to guide and to try to make the most out of their work, while battling down the press that sometimes seems obsessed with belittling, demeaning and ridicule. However, having had this occur to me in the past, I never let it get me down, and I fight to do the same for my clients. Don’t ever forget that no matter who you are and who your detractors may be, their guiding force is jealousy, and all you have to do is keep your head up high and live right and let the rumormongers do what they do best. Carnival barking. While the parade commences up Hollywood Blvd. and across to Sunset Blvd., only those with real talent, truth friendships and gusto make it. While others stand on the sidelines pouting because they can’t get there themselves.

What once was just schoolyard bullying has now turned into an assault by the media on celebrities and those of us who may not be celebrities but live our lives in the public arena. Hard work pays off, and no matter what others say about you, it’s only you who truly defines what you will be remembered as. With, it’s exciting for me to use this online entertainment magazine format to build up careers, to treat everyone fairly, and yes, at times there will be news reporting. However, just know that it will never be personally driven.

I try to see the world as a place where we all make mistakes, but are given another chance and we all learn that helping each other is much more beneficial and inspiring than tearing people down. I’ve had an exciting life that has led me from hosting and co-producing my own syndicated TV series “Hollywood Classics,” to guest starring on shows with friends “Living With Ed,” “Q-94 Thriller Theater” and even the CBS iconic soap opera “As The World Turns.” Last year I guest starred in a Henry Jaglom Film, “Queen of the Lot.” Henry is an icon in this town, and beloved by many, feared by some. But I have found him to be a giant among men and that’s the way Highlight Hollywood wishes to see our icons.

From Brad Pitt to Will Smith, Sandra Bullock to Cate Blanchett and the tween idols of “Twilight’s” “Breaking Dawn,” you will find that I have something to report, to say and critic about all of them, and their work. But it will never be personal. I take my influence over what others may think of someone else very seriously. So please join us and me in this latest journey, I promise it’ll be fun, fair and factual. And thanks to every one who comes to this site and reads a story, a movie review, a television review or an interview. We have big exclusives on the way, and I love and appreciate every reader, even if we disagree at times, lets do so with respect and honor.

Godspeed and I hope that you will return again and again! I’m counting on it!

Much love, Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Quote from Manager and longtime friend Budd Moss is as follows, “Since Tommy Garrett arrived in Hollywood, those that remember Walter Winchell, Army Archer, Harrison Carroll, Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper will take note of a new and exciting and creative public relations/columnist to cover our industry!”

Photograph Constance Towers Gavin and Tommy Lightfoot Garrett By Theresa Priem Photography at Universal Studios (Hollywood)