Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Showstopper Dr. Alon Steinberg At Jackson Trial‏

Today was day 20 of the Conrad Murray trial, in which Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician has been accused by the State of California of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King of Pop. The prosecution’s case wrapped up on Monday, and immediately Dr. Murray’s defense team began hammering away at the state’s evidence against the Houston, Texas based physician, who also lived in Las Vegas.

During the trial, witnesses have included boring testimony, testimony from wannabe reality TV stars and several mistresses, including one that contends she heard Michael Jackson’s last coughs for air and Dr. Murray was on the phone with her, but never came back after they were disconnected. Michael Jackson died over two years ago in his rented Bel Air mansion in the neighborhood we famously call Holmby Hills, which is the most expensive section of the region.

As the jury, Judge Mallory and courtroom insiders watched and listened to today’s expert testimony on propofol, we were stunned to hear the witness state that he believes Michael Jackson injected himself with the deadly anesthetic. However, after the dueling doctors testified over the past few weeks, no doctor has taken the L.A. Courthouse on the ninth floor by storm like the Malibu based Cardiology expert, Dr. Alon Steinberg, which an Internet following has nicknamed Dr. McDreamy. If fans of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” think they have a hunk in actor Patrick Dempsey, look out Patrick, because if Dr. Steinberg gets a talent agent or manager, your days as one of Hollywood’s top leading men are numbered.

The charismatic physician is married, yes, ladies, he’s married! And he’s also a father. His beautiful wife is also a physician. Isn’t it unfair that beautiful, talented, smart and rich people tend to always find their own element, they never seem available to the common folk.

Highlight Hollywood has found the following specialties for the beach bound doctor.
They include:

» Cardiovascular Consultations
» Cardiovascular Testing
» Nuclear Cardiology Certified
» Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (Cardiac CT) Certified
» Non-Interventional Cardiac Catheterization

How amazing is all of this? Well, Dr. McDreamy, I mean Dr. Steinberg is still the reigning star of the Conrad Murray trial. Even LaToya Jackson, Michael’s older sister was seen checking out the unsuspecting silver haired medical professional. Doesn’t Hollywood icon or hunk sound much better as a description for the dreamy physicians who carries a doctor’s bag and a stethoscope. Sure, it’s a serious case, and most legal observers believe at the very least Dr. Murray is in hot water for allegedly leaving his patient, who was reportedly hooked up to an IV pumping propofol into his veins. So it is only fair that court watchers got to see L.A.’s premiere physician who belongs on TV.

The case will be in the hands of the jury by the middle of next week, and Dr. Conrad Murray could face up to 4 years in prison if found guilty on the involuntary manslaughter charge.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph is Courtesy: Bobby Head/Link 81 Collection
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