Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Susan Flannery’s Stephanie Strikes Gold‏

This Week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to the stunning veteran actress Susan Flannery, who is more powerful in her acting abilities than a tsunami and just as forceful as Hurricane Irene! OK, maybe I’ve now offended anyone named Irene, but trust me, what power Stephanie exudes as the Queen of Bel Air, is nothing compared to the unstoppable force of talent and skill as a thespian as the great Susan Flannery possesses. Stephanie Forrester’s battle with lung and brain cancer has placed Susan Flannery again on my short list of three great actresses who already are deserving of an Emmy Award nomination.

Yes, I know, those of you not in Hollywood wonder why we have so many awards. Sure, stars get paid great, they are beautiful and famous, but they also in Ms. Flannery’s case produce an enormous effort of great art and skill on stage, screen and on film that deserves recognition for their great achievements. Susan Flannery this week as Stephanie laughed off her amorous husband’s advances, and coldly told her senior husband, who has been chasing designer skirts at Forrester Creations longer than America has been in Afghanistan. OK, five times as long! But that only sent her husband angrily out the door, and soon he was kissing Jackie Marone outside at a café off Rodeo Drive.

Stephanie’s great interests these days includes, helping the homeless and raising money and awareness for cancer research. The one thing the beautiful silver haired matriarch has never cared much for, is the satisfaction of her husband, who has humiliated himself, her and their family for close to five decades or more trying to be with younger women, sometimes leaving Stephanie and marrying them. From Brooke, Sheila, Lauren and Donna Logan. Eric’s demands on Stephanie has often sent chills down her spine.

However, Susan Flannery plays it brilliantly. Who has time for sex when they are battling cancer? What 60ish year old grandmother wants to wear sexy lingerie? Well, in a few years, Brooke Logan will, but never Queen Stephanie. Ms. Flannery is a challenging performer, but up to the challenge opposite her great skills, is the legendary scribe and producer Brad Bell, who churns out scripts more exciting than “Gone With the Wind.”

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS daytime.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions