'True Blood' Viewers' Halloween Parties

So it wasn’t a night for “True Blood” viewers on HBO. However, it was Halloween! The last time we saw our Bon Temps favorites (Sookie, Tara, Eric, Bill, Alcide, Sam, Pam, Jessica) and all the other favorites, they were all in jeopardy after a Halloween night left Tara bloody and dying on Sookie’s floor, Debbie dead from a gunshot by the fairy princess herself, Alcide looking down in the broken cement, realizing Russell, former King of Mississippi had escaped his rock hard grave.

We witnessed Lafayette grieving the loss of his lover Jesus, Arlene scared that Terry’s going to crumble, Andy frolicking in the woods with Morella and hugging up on Holly, well, you get the picture. After Bill and the vampires killed Marnie, and Antonia returned to her past, Bon Temps was left in shambles, and viewers grieving the loss of our beloved series for another year!

Bobby in Alabama didn’t make it out to any bars or local parties for “True Blood” celebrations on Halloween. Though it’s officially not until tomorrow, I’ll be attending “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Adrianne Maloof’s gorgeous spectacular in her mansion North of Sunset. I’m sure at least one wicked witch of the west will be there, but I’m also excited about the great meal and snacks famous check to the star Bernie will be dishing out to Adrianne’s hundreds of guests.

But tonight was an exciting time for many “True Blood” viewers, who are still grieving the loss of their show, at least for another year. Truebie Cheryl in West Virginia is also missing “True Blood” quite a bit. “From June through September, for the last four years, I can hardly wait for Sunday to arrive. I am filled with great anticipation for a delightful romp in Bon Temps with my amazing ‘True Blood’ family. Now, waiting for the September to June hiatus to end, I simply can’t bear the thought of making it to each Sunday and the let down that follows. I anguish at the thought of going through fall, winter and spring without any new blood. The only television entertainment that grabs my attention and interests me is ‘True Blood,’” said Cheryl.

While Lanna Cote said, “Pam and Godric came to our town for a Halloween ball.” Ashley Martin said, “I was Jessica in her Merlotte’s work outfit. She’s my favorite character for sure! “I was Pam after she got hexed with the curse from Antonia. Love you girl,” exclaimed Katie Dalton. Jessie Wilkie in Australia said, “Went to Club Fangtasia in Melbourne! I dressed as Pam, drank True Blood and watched some Fangtasia dancers. Fantastic night!” Finally Karen Davis Rohl concluded, “I went as Jessica dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood.”

Well, at least “True Blood” fans had a fantastic, or is it fang-tast-ic evening on Sunday night. Even if the only way that got to see “True Blood” was on HBO GO or on DVD. “True Blood” returns next June 2012 to a highly anticipated and great bunch of fans of the show!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph is Courtesy: John P. Johnson/HBO

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