Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Gay Actor, Author, Artist And Activist Bierdz: An Interview

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to catch up with actor, bestselling author, activist and exceptional painter Thom Bierdz, who portrays Phillip Chancellor, III on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” and who also portrays Bobby on TV’s “Old Dogs And New Tricks.” Thom has embarked on a brilliant and ambitious Fantasy Gay Celebrity portrait series. However, if you have anything you are interested in for the holidays, now is the time to catch the busy artist, and let him know what you are interested in. Speaking with Thom is always a treat. He recently did a gorgeous painting of my friend Alexander Skarsgard for my home, and it is lifelike, enchanting, gorgeous and a centerpiece for conversation.

“Tommy, I am very excited to give my email friends a preview of my GAY CELEB PAINTS STRAIGHT CELEBS GAY series of 14 paintings that will be at the Belsito-Roche Gallery in Long Beach on November 19. I have only released 4 images in the past, but the whole set of 14 is attached, as well as the gallery invite. My objective was not to OUT any movie stars, so I painted straight ones, as if they were gay couples. I wanted fans and movie distributors to see that gay couples and gay movie stars are a sweet idea, not a scary one. These happy couples show that gay marriage is also a sweet idea, not a scary one,” said Thom. Thom can always be counted on to be respectful and discreet about celebrity’s private lives and, that’s why Scarlet Johansson and I collect his work!

The description of Thom’s paintings are as follows: Gold-framed, 20×24 mixed media paintings. Rob Lowe is awed not only by Brad Pitt’s marriage proposal but the beach house Brad purchased for them. Sean Penn and Johnny Depp hike, pushing their baby in a carriage. Young couple James Dean and Elvis Presley move to Hollywood to pursue their dreams. Mario Lopez and The Rock can’t keep their hands off each other and enjoy traveling and souvenirs. Chris Issak and Obama slow-dance with a physical spark but their attraction is based on admiration of each other. Fun gays with Chippendale posters and muscle dolls, Leonardo Dicaprio and Justin Timberlake ogle Ryan Reynolds, People’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Bruce Willis is held in bed by lover Russell Crowe. Still in make-up from an award show, witty George Clooney vacuums with a meatball recipe taped to his pubic hair, playfully extending his hand for a tip from his lover Jake Pavelka of The Bachelor. Daniel Radcliffe and Taylor Lautner don’t know what to say, feel or write in their first Valentine’s Day card. Stallone and Schwarzenegger are revered as “the god-couple” at gay parties. Surrounded by their beloved ranch animals, Johnny Cash and John Wayne celebrate their 40th anniversary. Post sex, Colin Farrell is confused about his feelings for clingy Matthew McConaughey. Burt Reynolds and Robert Redford are hairy macho bears throwing a barbecue. Bret Michaels and James Franco are a political couple who come out publicly in a parade for equal rights.

“This amazing series, which I personally vouch for is $28,000 and a portion goes to the Seth Walsh Project. Seth was one of the victims of teen bullying, and I am proud to be affiliated with his memory and struggle, and honored to have the support of the ACLU, who is fighting for rights of bullied students. PR man Scott Harden recently invited me to an important school-bullying documentary, and this YouTube clip has me saying a few words,” said Bierdz.

Check Thom out at

I noticed Thom is looking more mountain man handsome and rugged than hi normal West Hollywood clean shaven look. “Yeah, I grew my beard, because I now live in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, just 90 minutes east of Los Angeles. I had to shave the beard after this video to film some scenes in a new series called ‘Old Dogs & New Tricks’,” said Thom. Here’s a look out on his snow filled deck outside his beautiful rustic home. 

Thom concluded, “Portraiture is my main focus and please share this latest portrait with Highlight Hollywood readers, Tommy. It is called (Stella and Sabrina in a beach background) to fit into the client’s turquoise kitchen. My portrait price is $1,750 and please tell your readers if they wish, I can still get one done for you in time for the holidays.”

Thom Bierdz is also President of, and you can find him on Facebook at Thom Bierdz and Thom Bierdz II. Learn more about Thom’s bestselling book (“Forgiving Troy”) and his career at

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Portrait by Thom Bierdz

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