Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Highlight Hollywood Predicts Herman Cain's Bid For President Will End On Thursday

Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain made an announcement today that his campaign is “reassessing” where to go after the latest round of attacks on his character. The candidate has denied any wrongdoing in the past regarding sexual harassment claims, but the latest woman, a businesswoman in Georgia claims the two carried on an extra marital sexual affair for 13 years, only ending eight months ago, when Cain decided to bring a candidacy for President of the United States. Cain’s fighting spirit has taken a toll, as he outlandishly blamed unemployed Americans for their own plight, made unkind statements about Muslims and Gays.

Now the candidate Cain like all fallen politicians is asking for the public’s support and yes, their money. He hopes that he can make another round of fundraising from this latest accuser’s claims, but her claims seem to have a bit more merit than those of women who he quickly tried to dismiss as liars. This accuser has Cain’s private number, and showed a Fox affiliate reporter in Atlanta a long list of text messages they shared between the two of them, and her phone records show long telephone conversations even as early as 4 a.m. in the morning. Cain has denied his accuser’s accusations and said, “I thought she was a friend, obviously she is not.”

However, this is the typical attack-mode by Herman Cain and other politicians, who are caught up in sex scandals, and perhaps a little humility over the past year would be returned by supporters, who touted Cain as a maverick, like Sarah Palin, who spoke honestly and quickly; except whenever it had something to do with his own scandal. Newt Gingrich not Mitt Romney benefits from this fall in the Herman Cain brand, and it will definitely be investigated by Cain’s supporters when his candidacy fails.

A friend close to the Cain family, says that he’s just taking a few days to find a way to bail out of this primary process, and that he’s very upset that these accusations all blew up in his face, and fears even more accusers and more records coming out showing even more possible alleged affairs with many other women.

Herman Cain will most likely suspend his campaign on Thursday evening, said the family friend, “His wife is humiliated and wants it all to end sooner rather than later.” But a Cain supporter tells Highlight Hollywood, “Don’t count him out yet! Time will tell.”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Bobby Head/Link 81 Collection
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