Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Lorraine P. DIETRICH Is An AAA Winner

BEVERLY HILLS—Last September actor, bestselling author and famed local painter Thom Bierdz announced the winners of the 2011 American Art Awards. Since arriving in Hollywood, Bierdz has worked hard to reach all of his goals and enjoy the American dream, and thus he is constantly trying to promote other people and their talents. This week we take a look at one of the AAA winners, that President Bierdz is promoting. I spoke with all the winning artists and photographers recently to discuss what the honor meant to her and to learn more about her artwork. Here is Lorraine P. DIETRICH in her own words, exclusively with Highlight Hollywood.

 Q-Is this your first time competing in AAA?

A-“It was the very first time I sent a submission to American Art Awards. What convinced me was the fact that the jury is very serious. Twenty-five art directors from high caliber art galleries in the USA. In fact, it was impressive because the competition is American and artists from U.S.A. are known to be so excellent. « La belle province of Québec» in eastern Canada is where I live. I thought it would be nice to add some French nuances to this international competition so I sent three floral compositions.”

 Q-What was your category and what place did you win?

A-“American Art Awards International Competition 2010, First Prize in Watercolour and Fourth prize in Floral Realism with the painting (Comme un Ave Maria / Ave Maria). A cascade of pale lilies on a dark background convey expressive and meditative feelings in a mood full of spirituality. Watercolour Finalist and Fifth Prize in Floral Realism, ex-aequo (tie) with the painting (Rouge Rubis / Ruby Red), Vibrant red tulips to brighten up any day. Fifth Prize in Floral Realism , ex-aequo (tie) with the painting showing orchids (Révélation / Revelation).Colorful but expressive phalaenopsis orchids.”

Q-Do you have a website where people can see your artwork?

A-“My official website shows many paintings, my art-résumé, information about my favourite medium and there is a link to see peintings in the nest solo show in November, art galleries where my paintings are exhibited on a permanent basis. Both Galerie Symbole Art and Galerie Vigneault in Montreal ship all over the world. Visitors are most welcome to see my website presented in English and French. The Homepage features a paintings showing the day-lily that has my name «Hémérocalle Lorraine Dietrich », a burgundy day-lily. Music is an important part of my life so Flower Melodies Series paintings are inspired from music, famous songs and composers, lyrics.”

Q-Will you be looking for ways to further your exposure within the art community?

A-“Tommy, I had the chance to show my paintings in art exhibitions in Canada, the U.S.A., France, Greece. These exhibitions were juried most of the time. I had the privilege to receive awards by eminent jurys in Canada and abroad. In 2008, a Retrospective Exhibition : 20 years of painting was presented in Musée Pierre-Boucher in my area. In the future ? Maybe some American art galleries will be interested to exhibit my works. Some of my paintings are part of private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and Asia.”

Q-What is your major goal regarding your work as an artist?

A-“I like to draw and paint (sur le motif), it means from real flowers in front of me. I think drawing and painting from life adds artistic style and soul to the painting. Each new painting I do brings a new challenge : it might be the complex shapes, the composition, the mood, the colour harmony. For years, my main goal has been to become a better artist. I want to celebrate flowers because they are like jewels from Nature. Beautiful art is universal and the road to get there is fascinating.”

Adding, “ Creativity is a powerful agent for the discovery and the enrichment of the human potential. To pause, observe and meditate in contemplative silence upon nature’s beauty has become a necessity for man. It allows him to maintain his equilibrium amidst the pressure and bustle of modern life and reminds him that he too is part of the immense unity of life’s precious yet fragile natural world.”

The American Art Awards is an annual international competition open to artists in 56 categories ranging from Art Brut to Realism. The event recognizes commercial talent in painting, photography and sculpture.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photograph is Courtesy: The artist

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