Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Marti's 'Un-Rulli' Supporters, When The Trailer Park Is Unleashed On Beverly Hills, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

You know when you have met the lowest form of man is when you see the poor kids in school getting bullied by other kids, who are just mean and vindictive for the sake of being mean and vindictive. Luckily I am successful and don’t worry about such juvenile treatment. But the poor kids in America and around the world bullied into submission and humiliated by the childish antics of kids who are frankly the ones who harm others, in a bid to make themselves feel better about themselves. Ultimately that too fails, but as my grandmother once said, “It’s hard to judge the kids when the parents and adults are so badly behaved.”

When I recently reported on the Natalie Wood case, I learned from Marti Rulli, that her 10 or 15 fiendish fans would attack. She sent many emails about a friend named Gail that she had on a silly message board that without any common sense posted all sorts of nasty comments about Robert Wagner and about others, including myself. Rulli’s email of November 5 to me (Tommy Lightfoot Garrett, Highlight Hollywood) is in part, [“I NEVER posted this at any forum…I explained to MY FOLLOWERS at MY BLOG something LANA told me to say. I didn’t know it would involve ME, but within minutes, I learned I made a mistake (or rather, LANA DID) and DOWN IT CAME!!!! I am NOT juvenile and unprofessional…. I was naive, obviously in many ways. These are Internet trolls at these sites, Tommy. My blog is controlled with some real dedicated people following it. People who supported the case and signed the petition. A TROLL posted this forum post you pointed out to me, and it made YOU turn on me, so I guess the Wagner trolls have scored a point. Please don’t fall victim to them. People respect you.”]

Well, that all changed when I wrote last week that Marti Rulli had not been truthful with authorities nor with the media, when she went on the talk circuit promoting her “cause,” and requests to reopen the Natalie Wood death investigation. Rulli’s (few), very few supporters began to attack. They sent threatening emails, which have all been turned over to the Beverly Hills Police Dept. and to the FBI, since most of these people are her New Jersey neighbors and few friends, who have spent 30 years harassing Robert Wagner, while under Rulli’s guidance and control have posted defamatory statements about Wagner and now about me. This is what the kids who are cyber-bullied go through. Threats of defamatory statements and nasty posts all over other websites about them. The difference is, I can fight back, and will fight back. I have to speak up, stand up to these Marti Rulli bullies, because the damage they could do to innocent people and to kids, who may have a different opinion than they do, is very much detrimental and outrageous.

Last night, I received a nasty email (note: IP Address) of the person, and even though this man, pretended to be a lady named Skye. His IP address and email address was easily tracked back to Marti Rulli, as she says in her email above, “These are Internet trolls at these sites, Tommy.] Her trolls, which she sends out to slander and defame people whenever they stand up to her or print anything they disagree with. The attack came from a man, who used a fictitious name, but his IP Address, which is highlighted below tells the truth of his identity, and has been turned over to authorities. This person also made threats to me, that he would in fact go to my books at Amazon.com and to post negative reviews. I contacted Amazon, who says they will turn over the IP Address of this person upon contact from authorities, because this lunatic has written 2 reviews under another fictitious name [Lazlo Montgomery]. Rulli just attended and ran a “book fair” in New Jersey a few weeks back, and this person, (her friend or “troll” as she likes to call her minions) wrote in an Amazon review that my books could be bought at a “book fair” for a quarter instead of buying on Amazon. Further calling me a hack. This is what cyber-bullying is about. Threats and slander.

Luckily, thanks to Geraldo Rivera, we all know what Marti Rulli’s true intentions and goals are. And now she’s dragged her fiendish “Internet Trolls,” her words, not mine. The following email is the blistering threat from the man, who calls himself Skye. Note his email address and IP Address, which are very traceable. This individual is such a vile and vicious bully, that he never thought twice about posting a nasty review on my site, and therefore showing his IP Address, to be turned over this morning to appropriate authorities.

[Here’s (AKA) Skye’s note: [Gemini Skye]

Submitted to HighlightHollywood.com on 2011/11/28 at 10:23 pm PST

Seems your books are getting some bad reviews (At Amazon.com). Better get used to that. All of us Marti Rulli fans will be posting negative reviews on boards and on Amazon.com against you. We hate you for writing about Natalie Wood’s case and against Marti Rulli We want justice, you want to save her husband! And you will become our focus in addition to Robert Wagner. So look out.]

Luckily for me, every time Marti Rulli and her “Internet Trolls” as she calls them click on my site, they help make me wealthier. Their defamatory and slanderous attacks are proof that they are simply trash, and beneath any normal level of decent human behavior. Every time Ms. Rulli and her fiends (yes, fiends, not friends) attack me, Highlight Hollywood or any other innocent person in this case, who disagrees with them, there will be more information released to the public. And each attack given to authorities. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. will be receiving all materials as well, but in honor of the poor kids who have committed suicide as a direct result of cyber-bullying and slanderous attacks, I will fight back. I will fight for them, and in their honor.

These “Internet Trolls” break every standard of decency, as well as the law when they send Internet threats and then harass and annoy, by posting nasty and defamatory statements about others on the Internet. They may feel that people someone is famous, and they sit around their computers all day, performing unconstructive behavior and cyber-bullying keeps them anonymous. But there is no anonymity on the Internet. One’s IP Address tells their story, it is their unique footprint, and therefore can and will be deal with judiciously by others who frankly see their behavior for what it is. Cyber-bullying!”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Bobby Head/Link 81 Collection
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