Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Miley Cyrus Is No Stoner, She's Simply Still A Kid

What Billy Ray Cyrus did by putting his underage daughter in the public sphere should be against the law. From Shirley Temple to Natalie Wood, child stars in Hollywood have been taken advantage of somehow. Ms. Temple Black doesn’t a dime off her wonderful sentimental films that 20th Century Fox still rakes in millions per year, Natalie Wood was not taught as a child to watch out for predators, even those closest to her, and Cyrus’s decision to make Miley a household name has been the bane of her existence since adulthood, that shockingly just started over a year ago. The creepy men who troll the net pouncing on everything from other people’s writing to opinions feel as if they are justified to attack a 19-year-old young lady. Shame on them, and shame on her father!

Like any 19-year-old, Miley believed that a speech at a private party celebrating her 19th birthday would be kept amongst her friends. But when you are worth $150 million and have notoriety and fame, people have this false belief that you should and can be attacked for no reason whatsoever. I’m old enough to be Miley’s father and they do it to me. The cowards hiding behind computer screens, who feel unworthy, low-class and many unemployed and lacking in any social skills or just plain old-fashioned good manners. They leap out and call others names, they attack with a viciousness they’d never dare try to a person’s face, but the anonymity of the Internet (which they forget is not anonymous) at all, gives them a false sense of security, and this is what thanks to Billy Ray Cyrus, young Miley has to contend with on a greater level than even I have to deal with, and frankly she unlike most people twice her age can’t handle it as well. I have to hire lawyers to seek out harassing stalkers, yet Miley has ten times more than I will ever have.

Her childhood cemented in Walt Disney’s “cradle of falsehoods and fiction,” but everyone selling her secrets and any cell phone video to the highest bidder, from TMZ to Radar Online. Sure, these are public figures, we all are. But the attack on Miley, which came earlier Monday was outrageous and unfair. Calling herself a, “Stoner” seemed a bit much, but heck, she’s just 19-years-old. I’m certain that this young lady, who has worked harder in the past 5 years than most people will ever work in their lifetime deserves some downtime to joke with her friends. Sure, I’m certain she’s made mistakes, but they do not deserve a lifetime of punishment for saying stupid things, something most teenagers say, just they don’t have cell phone camera moments become what they are defined as.

Perhaps people have forgotten that even if Miley smokes pot, which I would never say is right to do. I have never in my lifetime smoked it myself. But “pot” in the year 2011 is not a big deal to her fans. It’s a big deal to people, who frankly smoke more of it than Miley does, if she smokes any at all, and they make a lot of money making her look bad. Though they should be held in account for their mistreatment of Miley Cyrus, the true culprit who deserves to be chastised, is her father Billy Ray “One Hit Wonder” Cyrus, who decided his daughter’s career at the tender age of 11 and 12 meant more than just being a kid!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Bobby Head/Link 81 Collection
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