Monthly Archives: November 2011

HBO2 Documentary 'Pink Saris' Debuts Nov. 30, Exclusive

As a young girl in rural India, Sampat Pal was married into a family where she was often beaten. But she fought back, leaving her in-laws and eventually becoming famous as a

Oscar-winning HBO Documentary Strangers No More Debuts Dec. 5

For many children, going to school is as simple as a trip around the block. For others, it means a long and dangerous journey through deserts and war zones. In the volatile

Highlight Hollywood Predicts Herman Cain's Bid For President Will End On Thursday

Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain made an announcement today that his campaign is “reassessing” where to go after the latest round of attacks on his character. The candidate has denied any wrongdoing

Dr. Conrad Murray, 'A Danger To The Public' Said Judge Pastor

Jermaine Jackson said it best. “100 years would never be enough!” Highlight Hollywood was on the scene when Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced in the involuntary manslaughter case that involved the death

Film Reviewer Barry Rubin On 'My Week With Marilyn'

Highlight Hollywood is proud to introduce a very respected jurist in the legal system, and a man, who has a lot to say about movies, and his love of the cinema. Mr.

Michael Jackson's Mother Says, She Wants Conrad Murray To Be Punished

When Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty by a jury of his peers last month, the Jackson family celebrated the pronouncement of his guilt, but now they are determined to see the

Marti's 'Un-Rulli' Supporters, When The Trailer Park Is Unleashed On Beverly Hills, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

You know when you have met the lowest form of man is when you see the poor kids in school getting bullied by other kids, who are just mean and vindictive for

Miley Cyrus Is No Stoner, She's Simply Still A Kid

What Billy Ray Cyrus did by putting his underage daughter in the public sphere should be against the law. From Shirley Temple to Natalie Wood, child stars in Hollywood have been taken

'Spiderman' Star Tobey Maguire Settles Gambling Lawsuit

In the world of high-stakes poker and online gambling and all the famous card sharks that come from Hollywood, we knew that finally there would be a big court case eventually with

Actress Anne Hathaway Announces Her Surprise Engagment Today

Actress Anne Hathaway famously bombed as co-host at the last Academy Awards on stage opposite Academy Award nominated actor James Franco. Prior to that, she’d been involved with a businessman, who is