Monthly Archives: November 2011

Bruce Willis Puts Idaho Ski Resort Up For Sale, Let The Bidding Begin

Bruce Willis is now producing more than he’s acting. But from the moment he showed up on the small screen opposite Cybil Shepherd in ABC’s “Moonlighting” viewers have been mesmerized by his

Give Michelle Williams Her Oscar For 'My Week With Marilyn': Shocking Performance

Don’t listen to those who say, Michelle Williams pays homage to the late sex goddess of the 20th century and of 20th Century Fox Studios. What Williams does as an actress is

Trent Dawson Stars In NYC's 'Maple And Vine'

Trent Dawson won over millions of TV viewers when he starred for several years as the ever troubled leading guy in Oakdale on the soap “As The World Turns,” which aired for

'Titanic' 3D Re-Release Set For 100th Anniversary of Ship's Sinking

In 1997 the James Cameron epic “Titanic” which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and Francis Fisher became the biggest film ever made since 1939’s epic “Gone With The Wind.” However,

'B&B's' Lesli Kay Returns For A Forrester Family Christmas

She’s back! Lesli Kay, who portrays the beautiful rebellious youngest daughter, Felicia Forrester, of Queen Stephanie and Eric Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” confirms with Highlight Hollywood that she’s

'Walking Dead's' Midseason Finale Shocker: Rick, Not Shane Shoots Sophia

Tonight’s midseason finale shocker on “The Walking Dead” found Shane pushing further against his detractors and ultimately left Rick having to do the unthinkable. It was a shocking and utterly surprising scene

'Hung' A Night Filled With Revelations And 'Frances Is Not A Fan'

On Sunday night’s exciting and hilarious, but poignant episode of “Hung,” titled “A Monkey Named Simian” or “Frances Is Not a Fan” Jessica came to a realization about Ray, while Tanya learned

Tonight's 'Boardwalk Empire' Was As Sweet As 'Georgia Peaches'

As the second season of “Boardwalk Empire” begins to close, viewers are in a big surprise. Just when you thought that you knew where things were headed, in comes a series of

Judge Pastor Sentences Dr. Conrad Murray For Jackson's Death On Tuesday

Holmby Hills is a rural hideaway within the Bel Air hills and nestled in between Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills. But the secrets of the famed region never seem to stay

Tonight's Shocking 'Dexter' Episode To 'Get Gellar' Was Excellent

Tonight’s exciting episode of “Dexter” titled “Get Gellar” sent shivers down my spine. The night began with Deb in therapy, and realizing for the first time that she actually does need therapy,