Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Bradley Bell Takes Highlight Hollywood Readers Behind The Scenes Of 'B&B's' Cabo San Lucas Shoot

Five years ago on “B&B” viewers saw a different New Year’s for the Forrester family. The Forrester family gathered together for New Year’s Eve. Nick, on the other hand was alone, brooding after learning that his mother was once a prostitute, and contemplating about his relationship with Jackie. Stephanie plotted to use Jackie’s past to coax Nick into selling Forrester Creations back to the family. She promised Eric and the rest of the family that they will be controlling the company again very soon. Stephanie won that battle, now five years later? Granddaughter Steffy and grandson Thomas are in Mexico plotting to keep the people they love from each other. My friend Bradley P. Bell takes Highlight Hollywood readers on an exclusive behind the scenes trip to Cabo San Lucas where all hell breaks loose next week!

Here are exclusive photographs taken by JPI Studio’s extremely talented photographer Sean Smith, who went down to Cabo San Lucas for “B&B’s” hot and exciting filming where actors Kim Matula, Emmy-winning actor Scott Clifton, Adam Gregory and film and soap star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood enjoyed yet another Brad Bell remote. He most recently took them to his weekend Malibu retreat on the Pacific Ocean, then on to Aspen, Colorado to Brad and Colleen’s stunning rustic ski get-away and now to Cabo, where “B&B” is as popular as it is in Italy, Greece, South Africa and even Australia.

Thanks to Brad and PR maven Eva for sharing these behind the scenes images, which we’ll be sharing with Highlight Hollywood readers for New Year’s holiday weekend. Also, if you haven’t been watching, here’s the scoop. Hope and Thomas decided to go to Cabo to get away from it all. Thomas has big romantic plans, while Hope simply wanted to get away so she could forget about the love of her life Liam for a while. Liam and his wife Steffy, Hope’s stepsister also decided to head to Mexico. Heck, it’s cold isn’t it? Well, maybe not too much here in Los Angeles, but it is in the rest of the country. So don’t miss next week’s exciting conclusion when Steffy faces grave danger and Thomas proves he’s truly his father’s son.

There will be other visitors soon; Ridge, Taylor, Bill and Katie all make their way to Mexico when the unthinkable occurs. Until then, here’s Brad Bell’s sneak peek into his latest story arc, that has us buzzing. And why is it that Brad isn’t on the screen himself? The behind the scenes genius, who has taken home the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Drama in 2009, 2010 and 2011 may do so again this summer when “B&B” is surely headed for yet another nomination, and possible win.

On Monday’s exciting episode, a romantic proposal of marriage is made, what will the intended’s answer be? Then comedy ensues when Bill hires a mariachi band to keep Liam occupied.

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Sean Smith/JPI Studios, West Hollywood
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