Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Cosmic Meets The Gray Ghost‏

As Cosmic’s been on hiatus, he has been in a deep sleep, hibernation of sorts, and Cosmic and Odessa have disappeared.  He can hear Odessa’s barking through the fog deep in the woods, but they cannot seem to get closer to each other.  And his hope is that Casper is with Odessa and being cared for.  Where has time gone? It’s the dead of winter, after Christmas, New Year is upon us.  Each year Cosmic believes in hope, he believes in the future, and he has positive energy that keeps him going.  Old age doesn’t slow him down, it seems to fuel is desire to continue persevering on and looking for truth.
Now that he’s found the Ark of the Covenant, he now still finds himself on a mission, one that he has to find something else. The duffle bag now turned over to the United States military will hopefully be used to fight evil.  But even though Cosmic has defeated an evil of sorts, he finds himself creeping into a new world, foggy, filled with darkness and yet, his separation from his friends only inspires him to find the truth.
“What is my mission now, Lord? What on earth or in the Heavens will I face on this journey? Then as Cosmic was speaking, he heard a sound of faint footsteps coming in his direction. He got himself up off the ground and started running. Then the footsteps stopped following him, it seemed.
Then Cosmic fell to the ground, he was exhausted, but could not understand why.  Then he fell into another deep sleep. He then began to dream, or was it a dream?  An Indian Chief appeared and told Cosmic, “You must not run, the Gray Ghost is not your enemy. He is your friend. He is here to take you to your next mission.” Cosmic asked, “How will I know him?” The Chief smiled and said, “You have been through a great journey. You are close to it coming to your next juncture. But you must not feel fear. You must feel courage, do not run, and your friends will appear to you, along with the Gray Ghost. It is the most beautiful creature you will ever see.”
Cosmic responded, “I never saw a ghost that was beautiful.” The Chief laughed, then he walked away into the fog and there was no more.  Then Cosmic slept, and the next morning, he awakened to hearing Odessa barking and then he heard the footsteps again. He decided not to run. He had to take the chance that the Gray Ghost was what he was hearing approach, and that this ghost would bring his two friends, so he stood, the fog started to disappear and he heard snorting, but he felt no fear, he then saw his Casper running toward him through the thinning fog, then he heard Odessa and he heard her come closer, until they both ran into his arms, and as he was hugging and kissing his best friends, he saw the grayish figure coming through the fog, and then, he looked up and thought, “I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life, are you the Gray Ghost?”
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett co-publisher and co-editor of
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