Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Happy New Year From 'The Young And The Restless' To Viewers, Exclusive Holiday Episode Photographs

“The Young and the Restless” is helmed by beautiful Bel Air resident and Bell family member, Maria Arena Bell, who is head writer and executive producer of the exciting number one CBS soap. “Y&R” celebrates 23 years at the top spot this week and it shows no signs of slowing down. We’ll enjoy some exclusive and exciting photographs from this year’s Christmas show, where Genoa City enjoyed a Children’s Christmas Pageant, all the while Victor stayed behind bars for a murder he confessed to, but did not commit, Nikki is wising up and it is lights out for Deacon, Nick and Phyllis are headed for a heated reunion and Adam and Sharon had sex!

Genoa City’s never going to be the same again after “Y&R” returns next Monday, January 2, and fans will see changes that will excite some, infuriate some and make all of us rethink how we look at our favorite “Y&R” characters, but you can count me in the line of people who say, Maria has to shake things up, it’s a soap, and some of the things we’re about to see will also make us happy. As Victoria and Billy face the happiest reunion and time of their life together, a woman from Billy’s recent past makes a mysterious arrival to town. Nick will still be torn between Sharon and Phyllis, but Avery is not out of the mix yet either. Nick is the typical womanizing hunk that is rich and from Genoa City’s premier family.

Mrs. Chancellor is back, and we’ll be seeing more of her, which fans have missed, even though Michael Learned did a marvelous job replacing the once ill actress, Jeanne Cooper, who is happy to return. However, Victor’s proposal to Sharon will infuriate, shock and mystify his family and all of his Genoa City neighbors will have a definite opinion about his latest choice. And Adam will be fit to be tied when it blows up in his face, as Victor has a master plan that will bigger than any plot he’s ever laid out before.

Jack and nutty Genevieve had better look out, because insane Patty Williams is determined to get Jack back, even putting another shocking and murderous plan in place to see the fruition of her latest plot. It may end up being even more deadly than the last one which ended up having our beloved Colleen Carlton as collateral damage. But don’t think Jack and Victor’s long-standing battle is far from over; because it definitely is not.

Victoria’s realization of Billy’s shocking secret will test her marriage and her sanity. While Billy Miller will continue to shine in acting that should land him on the top spot, not as Supporting Actor for “Y&R” this coming Emmy Award season, but for Lead Actor!

Gloworm is the locale for a very shocking New Year’s Eve party, and Kevin’s going to find a new ally in his effort to put a stop to Angelo, who is making serious moves on Gloria, but not what fans will expect. Adam’s firing of Michael may be a smart move for the devious Newman spawn, but it is just what Victor expected, and he has a plan to deter Adam from his ambitious mission.

But it’s the wedding of the New Year that will have fans talking the most. Please hang in there with “Y&R.” The soap magazines make attacks on the show every week, but it’s not fair. “Y&R” is in a very interesting place right now. The show has remained number one rated for 23 years. It’s not always what we want in a show and the storylines may infuriate some of the viewers. But haven’t soaps always done that? Isn’t that what we expect? When a show becomes boring and predictable it’s on its last leg, so Maria is making sure our show won’t be doing that any time soon.

The Bell family with “Y&R” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” are fighting to keep our daytime genre going strong. So be patient, let the producers and writers know what you are happy or unhappy with, but don’t let devious and vindictive soap queens, who do nothing but bash everything fool you. Their mission is simple. They are women who hate some of the current producers and writers for various reasons, and they work their wilds, to get viewers to think that the shows are hopeless so that they can exact their brand of revenge on people they envy behind the scenes of your favorite soaps. They do very little to bring approval or any positive spotlight to our shows. And unless we want more of “The Talk” and “The Chew,” I’d say hang in there with your soaps, because these shows may upset us from time to time, but we need them more than ever in the world we live.

Enjoy the behind the scenes images of this year’s “Y&R” Christmas! Happy New Year!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett

Photographs are Courtesy: John Paschal, JPI Studios, West Hollywood

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