Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Hollywood Director, Actor And Leading Man Louis Mandylor Lands Down Under To Begin Filming, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

Louis Mandylor has arrived safely in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia his famed Hollywood publicist Misty Schwartz tells Highlight Hollywood. “He’s spending time with his family, and he is also shooting a film, as he previously told you, Tommy.” Mandylor enjoyed Christmas with his family, but will begin production on “How To Rob A Bank In 10 Easy Steps” in the next week. Louis Mandylor gave me an exclusive interview before his departure and I found out how he got bitten by the acting bug, and how is love of soccer and most importantly, boxing and martial arts got him his first role.

“Tommy, yes, you are right, I did play professional soccer, but you know that I was also a boxer. It was boxing that actually brought me to Hollywood, and when I was taking Janet Alhanti’s acting classes, I was mesmerized by the Misner-esque techniques and the wisdom of Janet, who was sharing with the class. That’s when I was bitten by the (acting) bug,” said Mandylor. I was boxing at the same time in my life that I had began her acting classes. I finally got a break and scored an audition with the amazing Mindy (Marin), who really changed my life, Tommy. This lady gave me a great shot. I was so beaten up after a fight the night before in sparring, that I could hardly move and could barely talk during the audition. I will never forget it. Mindy said, ‘you got it. You really underplayed it. Well done,’ I remember thinking later, wow, she had no idea how beaten up and sore I was.” Boxing and martial arts are still very close to the handsome actor’s heart and soul, so he’s looking forward to possibly landing a real kick-ass action film in the new year. If anyone can do it, it’ll be Louis. But Highlight Hollywood readers wanted to know what takes the talented guy home Down Under, aside from visiting his folks in Melbourne.

“Yes, I’m filming a movie in Melbourne in January called ‘How To Rob a Bank In 10 Easy Steps,” said the talented star. It’s Mandylor’s brilliant work in “Elwood” that is getting lots of buzz in Tinseltown. It’s a very modern comic book-version of a story that is a twist between “The Twilight Zone” meets “The Sopranos.” “I had to call on my friend Ron (Perlman) to play the pivotal role of (Louie the Jaw), Tommy. You know Ron, so you know how perfect he is for the role. Intense, very strong and can play anything,” said Louis. Yes, he blew away the world and won over millions of fans in his CBS series “Beauty and the Beast” which co-starred Linda Hamilton in the late 1980s. The guy like his filmmaker Louis Mandylor is very charismatic on the screen.

However, if fans think they are going to see some outlandish animation, they are completely going to be floored in a good way. Louis manages to reinvent things with this project. Just as he is one of the most handsome men in entertainment today, he is far superior in intellect and creativity than I’ve seen in decades as well. “Ron’s character (Louie) in the story is a man/dog. He’s half pit bull, half human. And visitors from our world get dragged into a parallel universe where things are not what they initially seem to be. We are in postproduction at this point, and we have a lot of great people involved, including actress Maya Stojan as Angelica, Rachel Miner as Lulu Pulu, prolific actor D.B. Sweeney as Mayor Hamilton and although you do not get to see Mandylor’s handsome face on the screen, you do see a lot of other sensational performances and great character actors, as well as some of the most exciting sequences and special effects I’ve seen incorporated in recent pictures. Spielberg had better watch out, because this gracious and talented Aussie is going to be talked about a lot more once this project is released in 2012. Highlight Hollywood will be there!

Mandylor is not only the director, but also a co-writer on “Elwood.” “Tommy, I must mention and praise all involved with Elwood, including (Master/FX and Beau/3D Animation). They did an incredible job. But so did ‘Elwood’s’ main writer for the project. I only co-wrote, the man behind it is a talented individual, I must thank him for his talent. Peter (Lancett) is the man who got the vision and helped me get this to a point were people like Ron (Perlman) and Bruce (Davidson) wanted to come play roles!”

Perlman is also a partner in this high concept film, which he so believed in, he wanted to play a major role in, both in front of and behind the camera. But handsome star Louis Mandylor made sure that Lancett is given the credit he so richly deserves for his scribe work.

Louis Mandylor’s “In the Eyes of a Killer,” in which he pays homage to one of his favorite directors of all time, the legendary Alfred Hitchcock by doing this film. “Hitch was one of my favorite directors growing up and I still love how his movies hold up even decades after his death, Tommy.” In this film, Mandylor portrays a man who is blind, who slowly goes mad, and his performance is absolutely astounding. Louis stars in and directs this film. “In the Eyes of a Killer” has been sold to Australia’s Peacock Films, and will be distributed throughout Australia. Highlight Hollywood readers knew this first, as Mandylor spoke exclusively with us in early December.

However, in closing I was amazed by Mandylor’s energetic spirit and strong energy that defines great Independent and extremely talented filmmakers in Tinseltown. He concluded, “I always support independent grass-roots filmmaking and story telling, and if you are very lucky, you find producers that really bring some big elements to the table, whether it be cast, location, crew, equipment, etc… People that really help put the vision together. Guys Like Marc Clebanoff, Orland Dobroff, Jesse Collver, and my story board panel associates like Mike Brown as well. It’s fun, it can become like a family if done right!”

Louis Mandylor’s extended family means everything to him. The guys and ladies he works with on a regular basis is what inspires him.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Krakatau Films
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