Internet Sensation 'The Bay' Is A Present For The Holidays

Gregori Marti is simply a genius. The handsome creator of the hit Internet drama “The Bay” is celebrating Christmas this year with the knowledge that he has done it again. Season two was even more exciting and dramatic as season one had been. The astonishing talented Martin has engaged the fans on Facebook, landed some of the biggest daytime soap stars, as well as primetime TV actors as well. The latest webisodes have been on fire with excitement and crackling with on-screen chemistry, led by the show’s matriarch Sara Garrett played brilliantly by Mary Beth Evans. But there is also a standout performance by the young man who plays her son.

Martin has tapped Kristos Andrews to not only be an actor on the series, but he’s also a producer. Highlight Hollywood will interview Andrews again in the next few weeks to discuss his growth as an actor and producer on this amazing project, which also includes actors Jade Harlow, Martha Madison, Sean Riggs, Tristan Rogers, Mary Beth Evans, Dylan Bruce, Jacklyn Zeman, Real Andrews, Derrell Whitt, Emmie Romanovich, Vincent De Paul, Taylor Stanley, and Camden Toy. Toy is well known for his exciting work in primetime television and Derrell Whitt has really come on strong this season as well. It’s amazing that we expect as much from daytime icons, but the young people on this show are sensational as well. And isn’t Jade Harlow a beauty, on top of being so tremendously talented.

Check out the latest webisode at:

There’s only two days left before Santa comes tumbling down the chimney! Did you know, in the meantime, he’s been hanging out with the folks in Bay City!

Take a break from the Holiday Shopping and real-life Christmas banter to catch up on all 8 installments of The Bay the Series’ Holiday Special ‘THE HoliBAY’ where 9 of your favorite Bay City Residents tell Santa Clause (played by Arlan Godthaab) what’s on their Holiday wish list this Season; also receiving a special custom-made stocking from Mayor Jack Madison (Nicolas Coster) hand-delivered by his sweet Southern Belle, Sofia Madison (Jacklyn Zeman GENERAL HOSPITAL) and her lovely daughter Tandi Jo (Emmie Romanovich).

And also two OHA PSA’s from stars of the show. Help THE BAY support OPERATION HEALTHY AFRICA! Now through Dec.31st, a portion of all profits made from sales from THE BAY Store, of FAR FROM THE BAY, as well as a portion of any contributions/donations made to THE BAY, will be donated to help those in dire need of medical attention in Africa. Led by a volunteer team of health care professionals, OHA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation dedicated to improving health care to those most in need throughout the continent of Africa. MARY BETH EVANS for OHA: and
I can’t say enough great things about this show, and once you see it, you’ll agree!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Lany Films
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