Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Meet Actress Maya Stojan, An Exclusive Highlight Hollywood Interview

Highlight Hollywood recently caught up with the busy actress Maya Stojan, who stars in “The Frankenstein Syndrome,” now being shown on Showtime, and she stars in “Elwood,” and you may also recognize her from her appearances on HBO’s “Entourage.” Maya loved working with Adrian Grenier, Sasha Grey and Stan Lee. But she owes her acclaimed “Elwood” performance to Louis Mandylor and Ron Perlman; both men she spoke extremely well of. She also tells Highlight Hollywood exclusively that she still misses her family in Switzerland and cannot wait to meet her new niece.

Q-You have been doing several projects with Louis Mandylor, most especially “Elwood.” What did you like most about that film, and did you realize at the time it would be so acclaimed?

A-“I have indeed had the pleasure of working with Louis on a few projects. I knew from the start that ‘Elwood’ would be exceptional. It’s such a unique concept, beautifully written and basically has all the elements to be a great success. It was such an honor for me to be cast as Angelica, one of the lead roles. I loved being able to work opposite such talented actors such as Ron Perlman, the stunning Laura Harring and most of all a great director. It’s always a treat being able to work in a professional environment but also nice having fun while doing it.”

Q-One of my favorite HBO shows was “Entourage.” Did you enjoy doing that series, and who were your favorite actors to work with on the show?

A-“Tommy, I loved working on ‘Entourage.’ It was such a special moment in time for me and I felt so lucky being around Adrian Grenier, Sasha Grey and Stan Lee. Stan Lee was very sweet and interesting to talk to, he immediately made me feel at ease.”

Q-Maya, you are an athletic and eclectic personality. You love golf, when did you start to play?

A-“I started playing golf when I was about nine years old. My dad really got me into it. I then shortly after played for my country as a Junior and then played in college. Golf was a huge part of my life. It seems like acting took over, but in the best possible way.”

Q-I loved “The Frankenstein Syndrome.” Was it as creepy and scary making it as it comes across on screen?

A-“Tommy, being on the set of ‘The Frankenstein Syndrome’ was really great and also very exciting. I got to witness some of the (behind the scenes) activity and, yes, it was definitely creepy, in a good way though.”

Q-You grew up in Europe, do you ever miss it?

A-“I do miss it. My whole family is back in Switzerland and my sister just gave birth to my little niece, whom I haven’t met yet, which makes me eager to go home for the holidays. However, I love LA and nowhere in Europe could I be doing what I get to do out here.”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Orsoya Tucker/Elwood
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