Newt Gingrich Proves, All Bullies Cry When They Lose In A Dust-Up

Could it be over, when the fat lady sings? No, but the fat man just did! Even though Newt Gingrich showed tears in Iowa today in a coffee shop. It was all fake and just desperation. If the tears were real, they are in response to his realization that he’s going to not only lose in Iowa, but that his nemesis Mitt Romney will be getting the Republican nomination for President in 2012, and will go head to head with the man, that Newt called an anti-colonialist. Even though he was cheered on by Tea Party bigots, he failed to explain that so were our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and all of the others, we know so well, if we know American or U.S. History.

No one is fooled by Newt’s crocodile tears. After all, this is the man who spent over six decades being a bigot and preaching bigotry, pandering to racists and yet, this week he dared to call Ron Paul just that. He’s also a man who didn’t shed one tear when he publicly referred to First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton as a “bitch,” and he’s also not the man who cried when he left his first wife for his mistress, then married her, and left her, for his Congressional staffer mistress, who is now painted up in fake blonde hair and Channel suits, but looking twice her age, even despite all that plastic smiling she does.

He’s also not the man who cried when he told CBS’s “Face the Nation” host two weeks ago, that as President of the United States, like Hitler, he’d get Capitol police and U.S. Marshals to arrest the third branch of Government’s (Judicial branch) U.S. Judges to force them to testify before Congress if they made rulings he disapproved of. So why the tears now? Remember, Hilary Clinton did so 3 years ago in Iowa, just before the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, she was devastated by Barack Obama’s win in Iowa, and Newt is tearful only for selfish reasons. He went from being the Iowa frontrunner 20 days ago, to being in the number five spot now. And you notice that none of his former Congressional Republican allies will either support him or campaign for him, which speaks volumes about his lack of integrity and character.

Note, former President George Herbert Walker Bush just endorsed Mitt Romney for president, and stated that Newt Gingrich stabbed him in the back politically several times while he was President of the United States. So why is Newt crying? Like all bullies, whenever someone beats them, they cry out of humiliation. Where is the Newt we’ve witnessed for the past 3 years especially, but even over 40, that has been a ball-busting brick wall, with no emotions for anyone else who was in need or needed empathy.

Luckily Iowans are a minority, New Hampshire won’t even consider Gingrich for their nominee, and by the time we end up in Florida and Nevada, we’ll see the mean old Grinch, I mean Gingrich swinging madly at his adversaries again. He’ll not be faking tears any longer than Tuesday, when he like all bullies find out that they are exposed for the frauds they are.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Bobby Head/Link 81 Collection
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