On-Set Of 'The (M) Word' With Filmmaker Henry Jaglom, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive Interview

It’s so great to have connections! Henry Jaglom is entrenched right now in working on his latest amazing film “The ‘M’ Word.” The film is about men, menses and menopause, but a heck of a lot more. The brilliant maverick who makes silver screen classics and the type of pictures people talk about for decades is molding his gorgeous leading lady, Tanna Frederick into one of the most unforgettable women in the history of the cinema. When I see Tanna in action, I remember the work of four women, who became personal friends of mine. They are; Bette Davis, Jane Wyman, Loretta Young and Barbara Stanwyck. This week I managed to get the reclusive giant who rarely gives interviews, to speak with me exclusively on the set of “The ‘M’ Word.”

Over the next couple weeks while the film is in production, we’re going to feature almost every star that is in the film. However, today I managed to get Henry away from the cameras during the breaks and spoke with him about his amazing team. Henry is a icon in this business, but like many of the greats, he is unaware of it, especially when he’s fixated on making an entertaining film. This he’s already done, and he’s just half-way through the shoot. The storyline is incredible, the script Oscar-worthy and none of this would be possible without the collaboration of other geniuses who have the honor of working with Hollywood’s greatest living legend. I’d rather be on a Jaglom set over Spielberg or even Scorsese any day. And I have great respect for those two men as well. What sets Jaglom apart is that he “lives” his characters, he imbeds himself into his story so fully and deeply that he knows every single character that he’s having portrayed on the screen by his talent. Even down to my Armani or Hugo Boss suit, Henry knows what goes into every frame of his epic films, and Tanna Frederick has learned that as well.

Do you know who else has the same type of intensity and love for filmmaking as Henry? The incredibly handsome and overly talented Ron Vignone. He’s also a filmmaker of his own, and did such a great job editing “Queen of the Lot,” Jaglom’s most recent release, that he’s back on board with “The ‘M’ Word.” Ron is too modest, but let me tell you, he is so good at what he does, that he is unaware that everyone else is in awe of him. Including Jaglom himself. When asked what Ron Vignone adds to this project. Henry was quick to remind me that Ron was not only his film’s editor, but co-writer of the script and is invaluable. “Tommy, Tanna and I met him [Ron Vignone] at a film festival and he has become truly indispensable to me ever since! Just as (gorgeous) Tanna has become my inspiration in front of the camera, one of the most brilliant and amazingly versatile actresses I have ever known, Ron, behind the camera, has given me a true collaborator for the first time in my long career.” You have to see Ron Vignone in action to believe it. He’s so calm and charismatic, that you often confuse his likeability with that of on screen talent, which he does in this film and others. But behind the scenes, he moves masterfully around a set like a man who was born on a film set.

But in “The ‘M’ Word,” Henry has so much talent, that I truly believe this will be his best film yet. A cast like few others. Possibly rivaled by “The Towering Inferno,” I’ve never seen so many genuinely talented and amazing actors, who are as eclectic as a group as they are individually brilliant as well.

However, I am the only person in the media who could get Henry Jaglom to admit some of the things I got out of him for this Highlight Hollywood Exclusive. “Wait till you see the extraordinary sizzling scenes between Tanna [Frederick] and Michael [Imperioli]. Tommy, they are like two great tennis champions who keep returning each other’s shots magnificently and non-stop, their chemistry is simply out of this world,” said the legendary director. “Also, three other actors have simply knocked me out with their performances in this film. Corey (Feldman), who I believe will surprise everyone with his tour-de-force turn, and Frances Fisher and Gregory Harrison, who should co-star in a film all of their own.”

Jaglom is so right. I saw Corey’s work, and I was left gasping in astonishment. This is his breakout role. This is his “Titanic” as that film was for Leo DiCaprio. Speaking of “Titanic” and DiCaprio, Frances Fisher, who played Rose’s (Kate Winslet’s) mom in the film is so very authentic and sublime in “The ‘M’ Word” that you just won’t believe her inspiring performance. Then again, you probably will, because she’s always on cue in every one of her varied roles. But this role is one she hasn’t played before, and she embraces it with gusto! What can I say about Gregory Harrison, that Henry hasn’t already said? Well, he’s handsome, and is one of the most genuine men I’ve ever known in this industry. And even my late friend Jane Wyman thought the same thing. They worked together on CBS’s “Falcon Crest” way back in the 1980s and 1990s. All right, I’m telling my age. I’ve been invited to the White House 11 times under 7 U.S. Presidents, I have been friends with some of Hollywood’s greatest Golden Age icons and I got handcuffed to Tanna Frederick. Tell my mom, if I die tonight, not to worry, I have reached all of my dreams.

“The ‘M’ Word” is a dream-like film that will enchant, engross and entertain the moviegoer. I promise.

Highlight Hollywood is the only media outlet in Hollywood or around the world that has exclusive on-set access to the stars, the director, film editor and the amazing crew. It is a great honor to be in the presence of the Rainbow team, even the gorgeous ladies who work in the office are incredibly talented. All led by the master of motion picture itself, Mr. Henry Jaglom, or as I call him, Henry the First of Hollywood.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Andrea Ross-Greene/Rainbow Films
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