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Private Memorial Service Held On Monday In Brentwood For Judy Lewis, Daughter Of Loretta Young And Clark Gable, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

A very beautiful private Mass was held on Monday afternoon, December 26, 2011 at St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic church in Brentwood, California for Judy Lewis, the daughter of two Hollywood

Taylor Lautner Outed By Fake People Magazine Cover, 'I Am Not Gay' Said Lautner

Don’t scream too loudly girls! It’s not true. The fake People Magazine cover stating that Taylor Lautner has come out as a gay man is an act of fiction! No, Taylor is

Newt Gingrich Ends Nice Act, Comes Out Swinging At Romney And Paul

Today Newt Gingrich threw away the phony façade he’s become well known for over the past few weeks, vowing to stay positive, and he came out swinging. Despite Gingrich’s pronouncements to stay

Carol Channing's Husband Harry Kullijian Dead One Day Before His 92nd Birthday

Harry Kullijian was born on December 27th, 1919 in Turlock, CA died on Monday, December 26 in Rancho Mirage, CA just one day before his 92nd birthday. Co-founder of the Dr. Carol

Hollywood's Nicest Bachelor Matthew McConaughey Proposes To Girlfriend On Christmas Day

It was a very merry Christmas, and indeed it’ll be a happy New Year for Camila Alves, who is the longtime girlfriend of Hollywood’s nicest guy, actor Matthew McConaughey, who rang in

Mel Gibson's Long Suffering Wife Robyn Gibson Takes Half Of His Reported $850M Fortune

Robyn Gibson proves the old adage, what goes around, comes around. Mel Gibson has brainwashed many religious people over the years, and has a legion of devoted fans, who tolerated, ignored and

Hollywood Director, Actor And Leading Man Louis Mandylor Lands Down Under To Begin Filming, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

Louis Mandylor has arrived safely in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia his famed Hollywood publicist Misty Schwartz tells Highlight Hollywood. “He’s spending time with his family, and he is also shooting a

Extreme Public Relations Promoting Battle Of The Sexes Big Bear Event

Misty Schwartz with Extreme Public Relations tells Highlight Hollywood that there are still openings for corporate sponsors for the exciting February event in Big Bear called Battle of the Sexes. “Current sponsors

Legendary Actor Robert Newman Has Gone From 'Guiding Light' To The Stage, An Exclusive Interview

When the CBS soap “Guiding Light” ended, we lost our daily contact with stars on the show like Robert Newman. I vowed to keep fans apprised of the goings-on of the show’s

HBO's Stunning January 2012 In Hollywoodland Plus What's Happening For The Rest Of The Year

This week in Hollywoodland, the industry shut down for the next couple weeks. However, by the time we get back to work on Monday, January 2 HBO will be kicking off the