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Psychic, Musician And Hollywood 'IT' Lady Danielle Egnew On The Cover Of UFOs And Supernatural Magazine, Exclusive Interview

Thanks to publisher Max DeLafayette, who is a prolific writer, author and respected journalist who put together the most successful UFO magazine in history, that deals with all types of psychic, unexplained and fascinating incidents that occur on earth on a daily basis, I got to meet my fellow-cover star Danielle Egnew, who is world renowned in music and in all things surrounding the psychic world. Danielle also co-hosts a wonderful L.A. Talk Radio show, which I was honored to appear on just two weeks ago, and as we both prepare for the cover of UFOs and Supernatural Magazine’s January 1, 2012 issue to hit stands around the world and across the nation at all Barnes & Nobles Booksellers in the U.S., I decided to speak with Danielle about her life, her career and growing up in of all places, my favorite state of Montana!

Q-Thank you for having me on your HAUNTED show! I loved being interviewed by you and Sheena. How long have you been doing the show?

A-“You’re welcome, Tommy, you were a wonderful guest! We’ve been doing Haunted Playground, the show now, almost two years on LA Talk Radio, every Tuesday from 3-5pm PST, ( ) and it’s been a lot of fun! You are definitely welcome to join us again, anytime!”

Q-You and I have similar childhoods, we both grew up in rural secluded regions of the country. Do you think that helped give you the ability to be open minded about (unexplained things)?

A-“Oh, I think so. When you grow up in a rural place, like I did in Montana, people expect that you will have all sorts of small-town archetypes that define you, and expect those to be far more traditional. But what people don’t realize is that living in small towns also involves living amidst a lot of oddities, and those oddities are often just accepted as a way of life, whereas in a big city, people ignore the oddity and move on, because there are people or places on which to move. So many people in Montana, where I’m from, have seen unexplained lights in the sky, unexplained creatures in the forest, and unexplained paranormal activity in abandoned ghost towns and abandoned mines, that “unexplained” is more thought of like a way of life in the outback.”

Q-What do you do aside from hosting, writing and producing? I know that sounds like a lot, but my readers would be shocked to know all that you do, Danielle, so do tell!

A-“You got it! I’m blessed that a lot of folks recognize me from music – I was the front- person/producer for 90s girl band “Pope Jane,” and I’m now signed to a small label in the Pacific Northwest, Maurice The Fish Records ( ), an unconventional record label for which I am also a Silent CEO. The owners are Raymond Hayden and Susan Renville, and they release my solo catalogue, as well as my acoustic duo, Backseat Bordello, with Kristen Coyner, and the classic Pope Jane catalogue. I co-own a record label based out of Sheridan, WY called Tin Star Records, along with my business partner Roy Pack, and that label started late this year and will hard launch in 2012. We’re partnered with Shure microphones and we will be the first all-Shure studio in the country, proudly sporting the KSM studio series line. I also work as a Psychic / Medium both for my private practice here in LA and for media – I do a lot of TV and Radio work as myself as a Psychic, something I was reluctant to do for a long time, but life has a way of smacking you on the path it would rather have you on. Most recently I guest starred on the TV project “Missing Peace” and was asked to be a permanent cast member – they are currently in talking with a network about placement of the series, so I can’t say much about it, but folks can check out the show at

“In 2010 I directed and starred in the film “Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting”, ( a documentary in which I did my Psychic work while investigating a haunted location in Kalama, WA. And I do a lot of writing – I maintain my spiritual blog, The Call To Light Press ( which focuses on all sorts of spiritual phenomenon, and I was recently asked to be a monthly columnist for the popular paranormal magazine “UFO’s & Supernatural” published by DeLafayette World Media / New York, with a column called “The Light”, along with writing for another terrific spiritual magazine called “The Alchemical Heart” published by my Psychic friend and colleague Andrew Brewer and Alicia Kent. I’m also a contributing editor to “Music Industry Newswire” as an Artist and Producer, so many op-ed pieces for them, as well as gear reviews. I do a lot of TV series pitch design and consultation and have been very fortunate to have acted as a creative consultant for a number of paranormal TV shows. In my spare time, when I have it, this is going to sound absurd, but I enjoy writing Physics Theories on the wave augmentation – I’m a science nut and am currently working on an engine that involves magnets in the design — and I love to oil paint when I can, and spend time in the outdoors. It’s very peaceful.”

Q-We are both on the cover of the upcoming January 1, 2012 issue of UFOs and Supernatural Magazine. What do you think 2012 will be like for supernatural happenings?

A-“I believe that supernatural happenings are going to exponentially increase all the way through 2015, and this has much less to do with the Mayan calendar and much more to do with the way the earth is wired — it’s a giant spinning electromagnet covered in water, and it’s a paranormal hub by it’s design. The earth is currently traveling through a high-density gravitational field belt in the Milky Way, something it does every 50,000-60,000 years or so, and that affects the vortex portals which inspire paranormal and extra-terrestrial activity here. Anyone can go to and read up about the gravity belt the earth is traveling though. They may not find much on the vortexes, though,” said Danielle continuing her infectious laughter.

Q-What are you planning on professionally for the New Year?

A-“That’s a very good question! I usually have my year fairly mapped out, but this year, I’m afraid to say I don’t have a very clear vision of what’s to come for me. That’s a pretty lousy thing for a Psychic to say, I suppose (wink wink at the Psychic joke) – yet we don’t always “see” the most accurately for ourselves, like we do for others. I do know that I would like to finish at least one of the spiritual books I’ve started, and I’d love to build a prototype of the engine I’ve been working on, so maybe I’ll get that opportunity. Of course, as opportunities come up with TV, I’m happy to partake in those as well. I feel many major and life-changing transitions coming up for me – I’m just not sure where they will be coming from this year, and in a way, that’s exciting. It’s hard to surprise me,” said Danielle laughing!

Q-Have you always had psychic abilities, and did you cultivate it as a young person?

A-“Yes, I have always had them, but no, I have not cultivated them on purpose. I was just born with a disproportionate amount of them, and they’ve expanded and blossomed out over time. In fact, I was raised in a very religious household, and even though we were Italian, which is a very mystical culture, we didn’t talk about “Psychic” abilities as much as we talked about “old country” abilities. My Italian grandpa saw “death masks” on people prior to their death, and I have a cousin who has some pretty pronounced Medium-ship and Psychic abilities, but he doesn’t care to really delve into them. I sort of “came out” of the closet as a Psychic while working with Law Enforcement, something I love doing with these gifts. If I can help bring closure to a cold case and bring peace to a family, I’m very happy to help. However, prior to any Psychic work, my entire life was in music, acting, and entertainment, and so I hid these abilities, as I didn’t want them to be something that was pushed out front, or showcased. Ironically, though I am very blessed to continue to be offered acting roles, as well as music opportunities, it is the Psychic work that I do that receives a great deal of media attention, and that’s just not something I ever saw myself doing, and had to get used to the idea of doing.

“Again, lousy thing for a Psychic to say, but we don’t always “see” very well for ourselves, like we would another person. I was very private about these abilities, of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empathy, Medium-ship, and Spirit Intercession and I didn’t want people knowing about them. I was afraid it would negatively affect my other work in entertainment – what would people think, that the lead singer for Pope Jane was suddenly a “Psychic”? The fact was, I wasn’t suddenly *anything*, it was how I was born. Yet I as fearful that’s how it would come off. It turns out that that fear was solely in my mind, as everyone in my entertainment work family has been very accepting and wonderful of my having these abilities, and I’ve been “out” now with them for almost ten years. The irony is that as the TV work as a Psychic is offered to me, I do take it, and I enjoy it very much, because I do fee a calling to educate people on the spiritual dynamics that exist around us everyday. So maybe the Universe had a better idea of what would make me happy then I was aware? Funny how that happens!”

Q-Tell us about your day to day life?

A-“My daily life is either feast or famine – I’m either working on a project for 36 hours straight at a time stretch, six days a week, traveling like crazy, or I’ve got a lot of time on my hands to re-direct into the record label, or other projects. I am very blessed in that other than honoring production commitments, and showing up for the radio show every Tuesday, I am able to set my schedule. So my routine involves waking up usually around early afternoon, as my schedule is mostly nights, getting a cup of coffee, checking my email for that day’s schedule, and either hitting my music studio to record, or meeting with clients, or working on a TV show proposal, blog post, or magazine article, or arriving on-location for a shoot. In the evenings, I enjoy watching my SyFy programming with my significant other, who is in charge of the Tivo’ing of all of our favorite TV series! I have a very blessed life, and I’m very lucky. Sure, there are things in my life that I wish were better, like anyone. But overall, as they say in my home state of Montana – I don’t have one flat thing to worry about J!”

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Danielle Egnew’s private collection and UFOs and Supernatural
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