Shocking Performance By 'Y&R' Actress Sharon Case Leads To Gold

Flawless; that’s the word used to describe the acting ability of Sharon Case, who portrays long-suffering Sharon Newman on CBS’s number one daytime drama, helmed by Bel Air resident Maria Arena Bell. Bell is the show’s Emmy winning head writer and the show’s executive producer, which keeps her quite busy. However, there are such a large number of talented actresses on the soap, and Sharon Case is definitely one of them. The beautiful blonde superstar showcased so many emotions this week. From Sharon’s elation of seeing her daughter Faith enjoy Christmas, to poignancy when she realized she could not be with her ex-husband Nick, to despair as Nick demanded Sharon stop seeing his brother Adam. Then ultimately shock and love when her perennial father-in-law Victor Newman gave her a ring in prison and offered to marry her.

What a marathon of emotions for one of daytime TV’s most stunningly beautiful and talented women. Highlight Hollywood editors chose only Case this week in the Leading Lady category, and she’s definite Gold this week, as she is on many occasions. When Sharon realized how lucky she was to have her daughter, you could see her pride beaming from her gorgeous face every time she looked at toddler daughter Faith during the Christmas holiday. From Faith’s opening her presents, to enjoying the Genoa City Children’s Pageant, and even enjoying seeing Faith’s half-sister Summer enjoy performing. Case was able to show viewers the spirit of Christmas through the eyes of a woman freed from prison and now able to raise her daughter on her own.

Then anger and anguish came over Sharon as Nicholas told her that she’d have to get a restraining order against his brother, her former husband Adam to keep him away from Faith, or Nick would fight for sole custody of their daughter. Sharon then had to be resigned to the fact that she had no choice, and when Adam showed up at her home at the Newman ranch she showed him straight up to her bedroom and poured her heart and soul out before Adam, who told her that she had no choice, she needed to be with her daughter.
On New Year’s Eve, while Sharon felt at her lowest and loneliest point, she paid a visit to her former father-in-law Victor Newman, who is in prison for murdering Diane Jenkins, a crime he did not commit. And viewers will soon find out who the killer is. Soon Victor explained to Sharon that being his wife would ensure her safety and security. She thought for a while that he was talking in the abstract, until he told her to pull the box out from under where she was seated, and she found a Kim Kardashian-styled engagement ring. Then Victor calmly asked Sharon to marry him. She placed the beautiful $5 million diamond ring on her finger, and just at that moment, in came ex-wife Nikki, Sharon’s despised mother-in-law, who looked at Sharon in horror as she realized that Victor had in fact asked Sharon to marry him!

If Sharon Newman thought she’d have a 2012 without a lot of feuding in the Newman family and around Genoa City. She’s wrong. And thankfully we have the beautiful Sharon Case playing the role of a lifetime and giving the performance of a lifetime, which hopefully will net the beautiful actress a Supporting Actress Emmy nod for her brilliant work in 2011.

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: John Paschal, JPI Studios, West Hollywood
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