Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Television's Leading Men Gold Standard, Billy Miller And Michael Muhney On 'Y&R'

This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard was a tough one to choose. Steve Burton did a marvelous job on ABC’s “General Hospital,” and several “One Life to Live” actors also did a great job. However, when it came down to picking two, Highlight Hollywood editors came up with two handsome actors from CBS’s “The Young and the Restless.” They are; Billy Miller, as Billy Abbott and Michael Muhney, as Adam Newman. Both of these men deserve to be placed in the Lead Actor category for this year’s coming Emmy nomination process. Yes, they are young, but they are no longer supporting character actors, they are definitely Leading Men on “Y&R,” and I hope others on the show will agree.

Billy Miller’s short break last summer from “Y&R” last summer was a perfect way for the handsome blue-eyed thespian to gather his energies and regroup. After giving a pristine performance for over two years on the number one rated soap opera, his break make him return to an outstanding and astonishing perfect performance. He and his leading lady are just superb together and we can’t wait to find out on Monday what Billy’s deep dark secret is from his dalliance in Asia last summer. Victor knows and it’s going to be a major shocker for wife Victoria.

What isn’t a shocker for “Y&R” viewers however, is that Miller is the consummate professional actor who is just so smooth in his delivery. Billy makes playing a role seem easy, and those of us who have acted can tell you, it’s nothing easy about it. The way that Billy showed viewers this week such a variety of emotions; from Billy’s concerns that his past would come back to haunt him and wife Victoria, to his falling in love all over again with the woman he loves so dearly, and finally on Friday when the mystery woman resurfaced and asked Victoria at the Abbott home’s front door, “I am looking for Liam.” We knew that trouble was on the horizon, and Miller’s expression was perfect, priceless and incredible. All of the things that describe our favorite leading man. Whatever Miller is being paid to stay on “Y&R,” I say keep paying him. If we viewers have to take up a collection to keep him on when his contract is up for renewal, we’ll do it!

Then there is the second outstanding actor this week on “Y&R.” Michael Muhney is one of Hollywood’s nicest guys, but he plays a dastardly devious businessman. This week Adam continued his rise at Newman Enterprises and made all the changes at the company he could without being stopped in his place by the Board of Directors. However, it all went out the window the moment he overheard Nicholas demanding that Sharon stop seeing him, and file a restraining order against him to prove that she will keep Adam away from their daughter Faith.

Adam was devastated by the thought of not seeing Sharon again. But then melted into her arms when she said that they had one more night to be together before the restraining order kicks in. Adam made love to Sharon, and then the next day was sad when he ran into her at the local coffee house, and didn’t get to wish her a Happy New Year. Seeing the crestfallen look on Muhney’s handsome face was priceless. The actor is able to transition from one emotion to another without even a hiccup in his delivery.

From one emotion to another, great actors like Michael Muhney make it seem genuine and real. Whether fans like Adam or not is not my point. But we love the actor who portrays him. What a great 2012 we have to look forward to, with Michael Muhney in the driver’s seat.

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS. Billy Miller is an Emmy winner, and this year, he and Muhney are both contenders for certain.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: John Paschal, JPI Studios, West Hollywood
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