'The Bay' Is Still Making Waves In Its Second Season

It’s back! What is back, you ask? The new season of the hit Internet phenomenon “The Bay,” produced, written and directed by film mogul Gregori Martin, who is not only one of the most gracious men on the planet, but as “The Bay” viewers realize, one of the most successful and talented people in the entertainment industry. Martin shares his latest webisode of “The Bay” with Highlight Hollywood readers this week. And if you miss it, it’s all your fault!This latest installment, which can be seen at http://blip.tv/thebaytheseries/the-bay-chapter-7-part-2-5803376  is absolutely sensational, entertaining and the exciting climaxes that “The Bay” became synonymous with last season only gets better with time. Like fine wine, “The Bay” is a guilty pleasure that no one wants to miss after they’ve had the chance to view it. One excellent thing that the writers, headed by Gregori accomplished with this series, is that you can pick up from anywhere in the storyline and still figure things out, plus you can go to the site and check out the archives and see everything you’ve previously missed before. And trust me, it’s a lot! The Garretts, no relation of course, is a family filled with secrets. Secret babies, secret marriages, secret stashes of cash around, and plenty more secrets coming out this season.

Almost every Daytime TV icon has appeared or will appear on this exciting series, and chances are you know the current installment’s lineup as well. Kristos Andrews, Jade Harlow, Martha Madison, Sean Riggs, Tristan Rogers, Nicolas Coster, Charles Shaughnessy, Mary Beth Evan (my cousin Sara) and a lot more. Gorgeous Evans, best known as Kayla Brady Johnson on NBC’s hit soap opera “Days of Our Lives” often jokes about the fact that I tell her, that she’s far too young to be a show matriarch. But as Evans has told Highlight Hollywood in the past, “I don’t mind. It’s great fun. Sure, I’m not old enough to be a family matriarch, but I’m a proud mom, and I’m also very proud of the show (“The Bay”) and aren’t you also proud of all that Gregori has single-handedly done with this series?” Yes, Mary Beth, I feel as though we are watching a genius at work when we see what Gregori has planned for viewers. And I’ve got a secret! Yes, one that I can share with you! It’s only going to be more exciting in the next installment!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Lany Films
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