'True Blood' Season Four Encore Tonight On HBO, Highlight Hollywood Story

Tonight was the first night of the three-night HBO “True Blood” Season Four marathon. We started out with Sookie in the Fairy Plain, and ended with Jason near death after being ripped apart by crazy were-panthers Crystal and Felton. While Marie and Antonia’s attack on Eric left him an amnesiac, Bill is settling in just nicely as the King of Louisiana after giving his former Queen Sophie-Anne the true death. Now on to tomorrow night where the season continues. It’s exciting to see our favorite Bon Temps residents, after missing them for a couple months. And don’t worry Truebies, the fifth season goes back into production next week, and Alan Ball promises even more excitement than ever before for all of your favorite supernatural characters.

Just hours before “True Blood” returned tonight, Maryann Bowman said, “I love ‘True Blood‘! I can’t wait to see Season 5.” Gina Moore McKinney said, “Woo hoo! Can’t wait for season 5! Loved the books and love the series, both are great!” “I fucking LOVE ‘True Blood’! Fiending for Season 5. I would be a fangbanger in a heartbeat,” said Brayden Pierce. While Tracy Alexander Shearer said, “Yay!!!! The only show that I really must watch.”

Tune in tomorrow (Friday night) for Part II of III “True Blood” Season Four Encore, Only on HBO


Watch an encore presentation of True Blood Season 4 starting Thursday 12/29 through 12/31, only on HBO.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: John P. Johnson/HBO Productions

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