Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Truebie Cheryl Durst Tells Highlight Hollywood Her Opinion Of HBO's 'True Blood' Season Four Marathon

Highlight Hollywood always welcomes the editorial opinions and content of readers, who want to discuss their favorite shows and movies. Tonight Cheryl Durst, a real “True Blood” lover speaks exclusively with me about the 3-day “True Blood” season four marathon, with the second night behind us, we can only feel anticipation and excitement for what is coming tomorrow night. Cheryl is always dedicated to promoting her favorite “True Blood” actors and characters in a positive manner. A lover of Ms. Harris’s books, she gives her voice to our readership on all things “True Blood.”

What a nice Holiday surprise from HBO! What surprise? It’s a Season Four True Blood marathon and it’s almost as much fun as Santa Claus coming down the chimney with a bag full of presents. It is fun to watch Nan Flanagan being her normal domineering and bitchy self knowing that she is going to meet the true death at the end of Season Four. Bitch on Nan, your nights are numbered! Eric Northman is offering us some comedic relief as he wards off sea monsters and crocodiles while swimming in the local Bon Temps swamp water.

When Season Four first aired back in June, I watched each episode at least four to five times a week so as not to miss any subtle storyline and to memorize as much as I could about the dialogue exchanged between the characters. Now that a few months have passed since the finale, it is fun to revisit Bon Temps and all that took place during the season of the witch.

You have to feel sorry for Portia Bellefleur. The woman had the courage to approach Bill Compton to initiate a sexual relationship, she got to have one night of hot-o-licious vampire sex with him only to be rejected the following night because Bill finds out that Portia is his great, great, great, great grand daughter. Bummer! Only True Blood could come up with such an interesting angle of incest. And how cool would it be to have the ability to glamour-dump someone?

Is there no mercy for Tommy Mickens? No there is not. The way that Melinda sucks Tommy back in to her good graces is just awful considering why she is doing it. Melinda and Joe Lee Mickens are two of the most low life characters on the show, not to mention those dirty yellowed undies of which Joe Lee seems to be so very proud. Thank you, Tommy, for ending the miserable existence of your so called “parents”. The only decent thing that Melinda Mickens ever did was give Sam away to another couple to raise. Regardless of Sam’s lonely life growing up, it could have been so much worse had he stayed with the Mickens.

It is always fun to revisit anything “Arlene and Terry”. I love this couple. They are absolutely perfect for each other. Arlene is a total superstitious worry wart and Terry, being a war veteran, feels he has all the skills necessary to protect Arlene but, oh, did we forget that Terry suffers from PTSD? Arlene and Terry both need Xanex and at times, lots of it.

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite character because every person on the show contributes to the enjoyment all of us experience while watching an episode of True Blood. I love my Bon Temps family and I smile every time I hear Jace Everett singing the intro theme to True Blood. I am looking forward to a new year and a new season of True Blood.

Written By: Cheryl Durst for
Photograph Courtesy: Stephen Moyer (King Bill Compton of Louisiana) by John P. Johnson/HBO Productions
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