Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

As The Florida Polls Open In 2 Hours, Highlight Hollywood Predicts Mitt Romney To Be The Winner Of The State's Republican Primary

In one of the most exciting and contentious election seasons in recent history, Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor is expected to win Florida’s coveted 2012 Republican Primary, picking up 50 delegates and blasting his way past the negative and deceitful Newt Gingrich attack ads, that are also part of the Gingrich Super-Pac supporters. That being said, today is the deadline for Super-Pacs to file with the election board and the federal government how much money each Super-Pac has donated to the current candidates. Ron Paul skipped the expensive advertising state of Florida and headed to Maine, where their caucus begins next weekend, and Rick Santorum rushed to his daughter’s bedside in Pennsylvania to be with her while she battled but has beaten the deadly pneumonia she suffered from.After Gingrich won the South Carolina Republican Primary, his campaign was back off life-supports and he was poised to be a huge competitive barrier to the very well-oiled political machine the Romney campaign brilliantly put in place in the Sunshine State nearly a year ago. However, after the two failed debates by Gingrich, and Romney’s decision to take off the gloves and fight bully Gingrich back very sternly, Romney’s poll statistics raised quickly and as of last night, an NBC poll had Romney with a 13 percent lead over Gingrich, who this morning admitted that he most likely will lose Florida, then Michigan and Nevada, but vows, “to continue fighting all the way to the convention in June.”

Romney’s wife and sons have been great surrogates for the political heavy hitter, but he also began last week to fire back at Gingrich and after pressing him face to face in the debates last week, which Gingrich was incapable of giving eye-contact during his sparring against Romney, the public seemed to see that Romney was the best campaigner and the best candidate, and they slowly began to put their power and support behind the successful businessman and former governor.

Gingrich spent a week backpedaling after being caught in a huge lie, that he claimed ABC News refused his witnesses that would give their oral account of his first divorce. After blasting CNN’s John King, a week later, Wolf Blitzer pressed Gingrich on his assertions and ABC’s denials, and Gingrich then relented and agreed that he was being untruthful.

Mitt Romney gave the NBC “Today Show’s” Matt Lauer an exclusive interview on Monday and blasts Gingrich further, but then conceded that he may have to also pull an ad or reedit the content of his political attack ad against Newt Gingrich.

Mitt Romney’s political team plans to meet with NBC to address the network’s request his campaign pull an ad attacking Newt Gingrich that uses NBC Nightly News footage from 1997. “Today Show” contributor Michael Inbar did an article on the official “Today Show” website, in which Governor Romney said, “We will sit down with the lawyers and talk to the folks at NBC and make a decision on that front,” Romney told Matt Lauer on TODAY from Jacksonville, Fla., where he is campaigning in advance of Tuesday’s primary.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Romney Campaign
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