Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Big Trouble Shockers And Secrets From ‘True Blood’ Set, Casting For ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me,’ Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

They are back! Yes, HBO’s hit vampire and supernatural series “True Blood” is back filming and in action. And if you think last season was a hot and exciting one, be prepared for even hotter, sexier, more shocking and gut-wrenching drama, just the way we love it, and the way Alan Ball is planning on serving it to Truebies come summertime.

The episode titled “Whatever I am, You Made Me” is going to shock viewers big time. And it looks like Sookie’s actions may have been justified by Truebies, but how will it make the Pelts feel when they arrive in town soon after their beloved Debbie is shot? Chances are, you will be stunned by the family, as they are not your ordinary brand of trash at all.

There will be eight new characters introduced in “Whatever I am, You Made Me.” And you’d better believe when they connect, mix and rumble with our favorite longtime and beloved characters, there will be a lot of friction; probably enough to start a fire by the mere combustion of drama we’ll witness in the riveting dramatic storylines.

Firstly, we have Molly, best described as a perky 20-something with a pin-up vibe, described as “cute as a button if buttons had fangs.” Molly works for the Authority and her job is to outfit a couple prisoners with “deadly devices.” Two guesses which characters it will be? Then we have Miss Jill Steeler, who is an ex-teacher and recent divorcee in her 40s who is back in town. Her role requires topless nudity (surprise, surprise), and “she used to be beautiful, now she looks like an attractive, pleasantly plump housewife.”

And lookout Sookie and also Alcide, when Gordon Pelt heads to Bon Temps. Gordon is Debbie’s sweet and kind father, who gets upset when Alcide says something rude about his daughter. And don’t you think Alcide can take care of himself? Well, he can, but Debbie’s dad is not the only one headed to find Debbie, so is Barbara Pelt, and she is obviously Debbie’s mother, who’s frantically searching for her missing child. She confronts Alcide, but don’t expect any violence — Babs is a “kindly, well-dressed woman.” So, Debbie’s love for mullets wasn’t genetic? Sounds like the apple (Debbie) may have fallen far away from the tree, huh?

There more exciting and intriguing characters, such as; Lindsey, and she is a pretty hillbilly in her 20s who is fixing a flat tire on the side of the road when a vampire greets her. Lets hope she’s not from Hot Shot, or that vampire may find claws in his or her face! We also expect Tracy to show up. She is a made-up and over-tanned store owner who says rude things about Jason Stackhouse to Jessica. And Jessica doesn’t take it so well, from what I hear! Also on the shocking episode, there is a naked prostitute named Dorothy, who shows up in a vampire’s dream flashback- sequence from 1905. But in the flashback, we see her drained of life, and you’ll never guess which vampire it was who did the bloody deed? I can’t tell, but you won’t want to miss it, when “True Blood” returns. And last but not least is Claude. He’ll make the ladies who watch the show very happy. Claude will be a super sexy shirtless 20-something who flirts with Jessica. British accent is desired, heck no; Mr. Ball is requiring it!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: John P. Johnson/HBO Productions for Highlight Hollywood Exclusively
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