Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Casey Anthony’s Unedited Video, The Unedited Casey Anthony Interview, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive Interview

Casey Anthony has shown up in our media buzz-world again. The disgraced mother of Caylee Anthony, who was acquitted last summer of murdering her 2-year-old daughter is now claiming that she did not release the video of her “diary,” but it’s already been uploaded on You Tube, and because I spoke with her aunt last summer, it was no surprise to me that this video would be released. At the time, Pam Plasea told me, “Casey loves to be the center of attention. If she has her way, when the case is over, she’ll find another way to be in the public eye.” Matt Morgan, who represents Zaneida Gonzalez, who has sued Casey Anthony for defamation spoke exclusively with me and Highlight Hollywood on Thursday afternoon after the video was released. Well, here’s the unedited version of Casey Anthony’s story!

Despite Anthony now claiming through her attorneys that she did not release this video. The woman, who is known as the most hated woman on the planet cannot fool everyone, and this is a “typical” Hollywood trick before someone goes on to be paid for an interview. A Hollywood industry insider tells Highlight Hollywood. “This was expected. Yes, she probably planned it with her handlers and probably kept it away from all of her attorneys, but I have no doubt Jose Baez knew about this. His partner Mason, who worked to help acquit Casey, but has his own firm may be unaware of it, but why is he the one outraged while Baez is playing coy? This was a way for the media outlet who is talking to her about an interview to gauge the public’s interest. And what they probably also wanted to gauge was the amount of outrage the public would and does have for this terrible woman.”

Anthony perhaps being a narcissist is unaware of the hatred she will face if the public ever finds out where she is staying. Instead of staying in the background and quiet, she’s thrust herself back into the media, just as her Aunt told Highlight Hollywood last summer that she would do. The fact is, Casey Anthony has oftentimes misjudged what reality is. She alleges that she never reported her daughter missing and had the entire State of Florida looking for her for months, only to use the defense in court that she knew her daughter was dead since June 16, on the day she left her parents Orlando, Florida home.

Though the case against her in Florida criminal court may be over. She has been fined by the Court and Judge Belvin Perry has placed extensive judgments against her. It’s her civil case, which has been filed by the famed attorneys in Orlando, Morgan and Morgan that has the public hoping for the best. Anthony claimed a nanny named Zaneida Gonzales kidnapped her daughter and threatened her not to report it. And Morgan’s client, the real Zaneida Gonzalez’s life has been devastated by the accusations and by putting her name out in the public as a kidnapper. Gonzalez was a caretaker and nanny and was fired, and ended up losing her home and having to live in a car with her young children while Casey Anthony stayed comfortably in her parents’ home allegedly enjoying the media attention given to her by people looking for Caylee’s body.

Matt Morgan with Morgan and Morgan spoke exclusively with Highlight Hollywood on Thursday afternoon, and is outraged that a woman claiming in court documents that she did not want to be on video and have her deposition released is now out on the world wide web giving her version of things, and yet not giving any information at all. “This video is a preview of everything we predicted she would do in court. Speak when it’s for profit. She has gamed the system, Tommy. We will be renewing our motion to have her testify. Justice moves slowly sometimes but we remain vigilant. I guess her objection to filing her deposition with the court for safety concerns due to the disclosure of her appearance was a sham upon the court. I don’t think this well respected and thoughtful judge will be happy or amused.”

The judge and plaintiff’s attorneys are not the only ones outraged. Highlight Hollywood reader, Melanie in Pacific Palisades tells Highlight Hollywood, “How dare she use people for attention. She’s as sick now as ever. No, I take that back, she’s not sick, she’s evil and a con artist who is playing with everyone, and you notice she never mentioned Caylee once. She threw barbs at her parents who obviously are in denial and dysfunctional as hell, but she knows what she’s doing, down to the black and white and blonde hair. America doesn’t want to hear her speak.” “I despise Casey Anthony and if any media outlet including the network TV news shows ever pay her for an interview we will boycott them,” said Vanessa in West Hollywood. “The only video I want to see of her being interviewed is by the firm in Orlando Florida (Morgan and Morgan) giving her a deposition and catching her in lies, she is the biggest liar in America. She should be a politician. She’s a terrible person and I feel sorry for her dog!”

NBC’s “Today Show” played the four minute and 20 second video today on their show. However, this is a synopsis of the story with attorneys weighing in on what a sham this video is, and also how it is obviously planned out. The article is written by “Today Show” writer Michael Inbar.

Morgan and Morgan plans to get very tough with this woman. So Americans who hate Casey Anthony and believe she’s playing the system should be prepared to see Florida’s most distinguished advocates law firm bring her to some measure of justice on behalf of their clients; Zaneida Gonzalez and Vasco Thompson.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy: Facebook
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