Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Cosmic Arrives In The Lonestar State, Highlight Hollywood Presents Lonestar Kennels

Cosmic and Gray Ghost traveled to Texas, where he was led to, in order to find the reason for the Southwestern state to have suffered such a drought. Odessa ran behind, loving her new friend, the Gray Ghost, a beautiful Arabian stallion that appeared to Cosmic last week in his darkest hour. Casper was quietly tucked away in Cosmic’s saddlebag. The duffle bag was gone, now in the hands of the U.S. military, with a top secret weapon from the dark ages; the Ark of the Covenant. Though Cosmic felt that was the end of his journey, he now had to find out what was causing one of the worst droughts in American history, in the Lone Star state.

As he and Gray Ghost got closer to a small town. The sky began to look dark. It then started raining. Casper peeked out from the saddlebag, then quickly ducked back inside. Odessa barked and then took off running across a field, and a stunned Cosmic couldn’t even say stop, or come back girl, before Gray Ghost went running behind Odessa. Cosmic happened upon a beautiful home with a barn in the backyard. The barnyard was filled with horses, chickens, pet pigs, goats and chickens. Even a beautiful lamb was outside the barn, but they all ran into the barn before a clap of thunder and then the rain began to pour and pour for hours. Cosmic found himself on the floor of the barn snuggled up with Casper and Odessa behind him. He looked around, and did not see Gray Ghost. So he jumped up, ran outside the barn and found a beautiful lady. She was feeding Gray Ghost oats and hay. He apologized, “Mam, I am sorry. I guess we have no right to be here.” The lady responded, “No, you belong. You must be a friend, the animals seem to love and feel comfortable around you.”

Casper laughed, and said, “I guess so. We fell asleep right during the storm. My dog, Odessa, she ran into your barn and Gray Ghost there, she followed.” Katherine looked very curious. “Your horse is named Gray Ghost?” Cosmic nodded his head affirmatively. “Yes, mam, that’s his name.” Katherine said, “Come into the house, my husband would like to meet you.” Cosmic said, “Mam, I’m afraid I belong in the barn. My clothing are a bit dusty, but comfy.” She laughed. “My husband has clothing that will be around your size, sir.” Cosmic went into the house, Katherine’s husband and adorable grandkids were inside, they gave Cosmic some fresh clothing, he bathed and came into the kitchen for breakfast. A delicious smell of pancakes, Cosmic said, “It’s been a mighty long time mam, and sir, and kids, since I ate this good.”

Then Katherine explained to the family that Cosmic’s horse was named Gray Ghost. The kids and the husband seemed startled. “Excuse me, what is it mam, about the name of my horse,” Cosmic asked, very concerned. “We had a horse, named Gray Ghost. He left a few weeks ago and we never saw him again. Until today. That’s him that you rode on to get here. How did you name him Gray Ghost? How would you know that was his name,” asked Katherine. “I don’t rightly know man. I just know that is what was told to me by, well, by an Indian spirit. Katherine smiled. Oh, Gray Ghost’s spirit guide, that’s who you spoke with. Cosmic laughed and said, “All of this can be a bit confusing mam, sir! But I believe anything after what I’ve been through.” They all laughed.
Then later, as Cosmic was about to leave. He said, “Mam, I forgot to ask your husband, I suppose I should leave Gray Ghost, he is your horse. It’s not right.” Katherine said, “No, Cosmic, we want him with you. He went to you for a reason. He knows something, he can guide you to where you need to be.” “All I know is I am suppose to find out what has caused your drought, but your drought has broken. Why?” She laughed, “Because you are a friend, and you brought him back to us. But you both have a mission. Here!” She handed Cosmic a beautiful white and silver Toy-sized Schnauzer. “Mam, what is this,” Cosmic asked. “She’s yours. She will also be a member of your family, she will also help guide you and your dog and Gray ghost, and that adorable rabbit, in the days to come,” concluded Katherine. Cosmic began to tear up, then said, “I don’t know how I’ll even feed myself, much less my friends, but God always makes a way, doesn’t he?”

Beautiful Katherine and her handsome husband looked on as Gray Ghost left again, in their minds, for the final time, and so did the little puppy. What will Cosmic name her? She comes from Lonestar Kennels (, and there are no better Miniature, Toy or Teacup sized Schnauzers on the planet like Katherine’s. And one more goes off to a new home to find a new mission, to find a new family to love, as much as she was loved by Katherine and her family.

And thanks to Katherine, Cosmic found his perfect gift. A new friend, and that’s more important than all the richest in the world. Odessa, Casper and Gray Ghost were happy to have a new friend and family member to offer love and protection for. That’s truly the meaning of friendship.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph Courtesy:
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