Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard, Hunter Tylo And Melody Thomas Scott

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to two beautiful actresses, who portray mothers trying to do what is best for their loved ones, and they both shined this week. Hunter Tylo, who portrays Dr. Taylor Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Melody Thomas Scott, who portrays Nikki Newman Sharpe on CBS’s number one-rated soap opera “The Young and the Restless” both showcased brilliant acting, mesmerizing chemistry on screen with their leading men and had highly emotional scenes to play, while Nikki toys with a dangerous man, Taylor is devastated over the possible loss of another child. Bradley P. Bell, “B&B’s” three-time Emmy Award-winning producer and head writer and Maria Arena Bell, “Y&R’s” Emmy Award-winning head writer and the show’s executive producer are divine!

Brad had high drama but not on the High seas this time around. He took four young actors down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a desert remote that was spectacular both aesthetically and creatively. Brad gets his creative juices going whenever he’s on remote. Whether it’s nearby Malibu or the Rocky Mountains of Aspen or south of the border, he is always engaged with what makes characters on his exciting show so much fun for viewers. Well, Thomas and Steffy’s plot to keep Hope and Liam apart backfired, when Liam grabbed Hope and took her on a ride to get away from everyone. Then Steffy followed, only to land on her head in a ditch falling off her ATV and into a local hospital. Thomas called Ridge and Taylor, who with Bill Spencer flew to the region to see what happened. Taylor’s stress of possibly losing Steffy after losing Phoebe was devastating to watch. Hunter Tylo played the scenes so very realistically. And when Taylor finally arrive to find her daughter Steffy unconscious, she grabbed on to ex-husband Ridge and clung for dear life.

Taylor’s life hasn’t been easy, but she’d die a thousand deaths instead of watching her two kids suffer. And seeing Hunter Tylo play highly emotional scenes is what makes “B&B” fun. The kids are sexy, great actors and fun to watch, but it’s the core characters, Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Brooke and Taylor that bring our attention out most; and Hunter Tylo was mesmerizing to say the very least. Here’s to next week’s exciting episodes. On Monday, when Bill’s newest lie puts Liam in a difficult position. And it’s a major move that will create a powder keg of drama. Then, Ridge lays down the law after interrupting a tender moment between Liam and Hope.

Then there was Melody Thomas Scott, who portrays Nikki on “Y&R.” Melody had been off on hiatus, but she’s back full steam ahead! Looking absolutely ravishing, her time off really gave her some great time to relax and come back looking as hot as she did 25 years ago when she first joined the show. Her character Nikki however, she’s a total mess right now. She’s married to a deceitful vicious man, played by a gem of a human being, but Nikki’s battling the booze, while constantly spiking her husband Deacon’s drinks, so that she can force him to confess what he knows about Diane Jenkins’s murder. But what Nikki can’t do is control her own family, so why does she think she can save Victor from her current scheming spouse?

Nikki was furious and devastated on New Year’s Eve when she went to visit Victor in prison, only to find her nemesis and slutty daughter-in-law Sharon wearing Victor’s engagement ring. She lit into both of them, but then went running into the arms of best friend Katherine Chancellor, who consoled her. But instead of falling totally apart, Nikki then went back to her husband Deacon and began plotting his demise! Or his undoing, probably the best way to put it!

Melody Thomas Scott is smoldering hot, sensual and sexy, but that doesn’t compare to the tour de force performance the Emmy-nominated diva has been doing for the past month on “The Young and the Restless.” Nikki fans may not be happy, but Melody’s fans are ecstatic to see the beauty on the front burner storyline and headed for another astonishing week coming up. If fans think Mel was great this week, and she was! They’d better buckle up their seatbelts, because when Nikki spies on Deacon’s computer, she may become a strangled meddling wife, and if that doesn’t get your attention. What she finds on his computer sends her spiraling further out of control and no Victor around right now to save the heroine.

Melody Thomas Scott and Hunter Tylo know just what they are doing as leading ladies and brilliant actresses. The beauties mystify many in the industry, because they deserve so many awards for their decades long amazing performances. Well, at least my pal Brad and his beautiful sister-in-law Maria have brought home the Gold! This week, however, their leading ladies will walk away with our special honor!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs Courtesy: Hunter Tylo by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions for Highlight Hollywood and Melody Thomas Scott by CBS
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