Highlight Hollywood's Leading Man Gold Standard Goes To 'Y&R' Superstar Eric Braeden, The Man Stands Alone

This week’s Leading Man Gold Standard goes to the talented and handsome actor Eric Braeden, who is known in the industry as the biggest daytime leading man of all time. This week Eric’s portrayal of Victor Newman left fans perplexed, confused and ultimately satisfied, as the seasoned veteran actor made every decision as an actor and thespian that he knew would pay off at the end of Friday’s shocking episode. Sharon warned Adam that Victor has been setting him up to turn him in to the FEDS, Nikki arrived at the Newman Ranch to find an amorous Victor pining away for her, Nick and Victoria remained livid with their father, and the now cleared convicted murderer will be ready to take down all of those in Genoa City who dared to cross him.
Eric Braeden is not only powerful as an actor, but very popular as well. When Emmy Award-winning head writer Maria Arena Bell decided to write this storyline, she knew that she could trust the instincts of her two top leading stars on “Y&R.” Melody Thomas Scott as the grieving and stunned Nikki has been spot on, and when has Eric not been less than perfect? Never! This week was no exception and Braeden captured our attention from the first frame to the final one on Friday.

Victor has been lying and trying to protect Nikki form a murder he felt she did not mean to commit. It’s true, Nikki could not even remember murdering Diane, but then the tale of Deacon’s tape showed it was self-defense. Victor also married his daughter-in-law Sharon, and that was part of his master plan. But his ultimate goal was to bring down demonic son Adam, played brilliantly by Michael Muhney, and Eric pulled off some of the most intriguing and tough scenes of any actor’s career. He does so with aplomb on a daily basis, and it’s why his Q-rating in Hollywood is the highest of any other daytime TV actor.

When Eric makes a stand, you can count on him to follow through with it. Victor this week followed through with part of his plan to devise Adam’s undoing. What will he do when he finds out new-wife Sharon warned Adam about the federal investigation and sting against him? Who will pay the ultimate price, and we know when Victor Newman is betrayed, there will be hell to pay. That’s what viewers of “The Young and the Restless” are anxiously looking forward to.
Eric Braeden is an international icon, but to his millions of adoring fans, he’s simply what Highlight Hollywood says this week; Leading Man Gold Standard.

“Y&R” airs weekdays on CBS.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Monty Brinton/CBS

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