Jacqueline MacInnes Wood And Heather Tom, Leading Ladies Gold Standard, The Mother-In-Law Of All Battles, Highlight Hollywood Spotlight

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to two brunette beauties on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who portrays Steffy Forrester Spencer and Heather Tom, who portrays Steffy’s wicked mother-in-law Katie Logan Spencer both performed amazingly as actresses this week on the most watched soap on the planet. Wood had to portray a heartbroken woman, Tom as usual played the powerful and domineering mother-in-law, who is married to none other than (Dollar) Bill Spencer. These two ladies were exceptional in scenes together and in scenes with other actors. Heather Tom did it last week, and this week she did so again!Bradley Bell’s “BB” is nothing if not exciting and full of suspense and shockers. Actors line up in Hollywood at the William J. Bell Studios to get to work with the three-time Emmy Award-winning producer and head writer. This week Wood had a great storyline to play out. Steffy believed that she had a brain clot after her ATV accident in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, her husband (Liam’s) father was the one behind the hoax. Not even Steffy was aware that it was not true, that Bill had paid off two doctors to lie to Steffy and her family, so that his son Liam would not leave her for the love of his life; Hope Logan. However, when Bill’s wife Katie found out, she went right over to Liam’s and told him and blasted her daughter-in-law until she found out that Steffy had not been lying, she truly believed that she was ill. Katie still didn’t give Steffy too much respect, as always she can never forget that her husband Bill and Steffy had an affair.

Jackie is such a brilliant actress. She has landed on the big screen, and is winning over millions of viewers on “B&B.” The stunning young Canadian born actress has the great ability to play drama and especially scenes where she is shocked to learn things. Brad is the master of revealing exciting secrets on his show and this week, Steffy was not his only muse, Katie Logan was as well. As was her portrayer Heather Tom.

When Brad decided Katie would not be a doormat, he was not kidding. After such a great week previously, viewers did not realize that Heather Tom as (Katie) would be winning the Super Bowl of storylines on “B&B.” With Katie now doubting that her husband Bill is over his fling with Steffy, she has one mission on her mind. She is determined that Liam leave Steffy and get her out of the Spencer family, and also to put Liam back with her niece Hope, who Katie believes is the best choice for Liam.
Tom is dynamic in her scenes. Never boring, the beautiful actress shed tears this week when her alter-ego’s husband (Bill) locked her in the tower in the Malibu mansion they own. Then when Katie escaped, we got to see Heather Tom perform in a marathon of scenes, all very high-toned and emotionally driven. That’s what this multi-Emmy Award winning actress is capable of doing when she’s given the storyline. And thanks to Brad, both Heather and Jacqueline deserve Highlight Hollywood’s Gold Standard.

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS. On Monday’s exciting episode, Bill is forced to face the consequences of his deception and Liam must make a difficult decision about his marriage. Kudos to Brad as well as his two dynamic and talented leading ladies!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip Television Productions
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