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One On One Interview With Hostess And Beauty Queen Kyra Batte, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

When I interviewed the gorgeous, talented beauty queen/TV hostess and starlet Kyra Batte this week, I thought it would be the typical “Valley” girl-like conversation and that I’d have an enjoyable hour or so, but nothing worthwhile to remember. However, Krya’s enigmatic beauty is just part of her complete package as a budding starlet in Hollywood and internationally. Yes, the poised and stunning beauty is very gracious, very polite and intelligent. But she didn’t come by it the easy way. The stunning brunette told Highlight Hollywood about the teenage phase, which she now looks back on and wonders how her amazing mother dealt with it all, but then she turned her life around and has become one of the most awesome people on the planet, and I can say that without being biased. I was just that impressed.From being bullied as a child, to braces and the acne phase many true beauties often endure before they realize their inner essence, which then becomes a part of who they are as an individual and ultimately inspiring, Kyra Batte spoke honestly and didn’t hold anything back in her exclusive interview with us. Publicist Misty Schwartz of Extreme P.R. said, “Kyra is amazing. I haven’t known her long, but since I got to meet her and have gotten to know her, she inspires me as well. She has a great future ahead. Tommy, Kyra is beautiful inside/out. She gives 110 percent of herself and never expects anything in return. She is a true humanitarian. I’m blessed to know her and be in her life.”

Here is Kyra in her own words; her own honest words.

Q-Have you always been so poised and confident, or did you have a tough time as a teenager or childhood phase to endure like most everyone else?

A-“I most definitely had a tough teenage phase like most everyone else! I was raised solely by my mother and grandmother with very little communication with my father. I never really got to establish a solid relationship with him. Due to that, it made my childhood very difficult. In middle school I had severe acne, braces, and was a victim of bullying. During my teenage years I completely rebelled and had my fair share of detentions and run-ins with authority. I have no idea how my poor mom handled me! I was going down the wrong path and was a very angry, troubled young girl. It wasn’t until I was 16 in my junior year of high school, I realized I didn’t want to grow up that way and have that kind of lifestyle after looking at some of my peers.

“I started taking college classes in high school and advanced math (fun tidbit about me, math was always my favorite subject and I love to crunch numbers!) and was able to graduate one year early. It wasn’t until college I had any kind confidence within myself. I need to let go of the ideas in my head that I was never good enough, that I didn’t deserve good things, or that I couldn’t accomplish anything. I really had to let go and forgive everything that had happened in my life and create a confidence within myself. That is why as a beauty queen I have made it my mission to decrease bullying and improve the mental health and confidence in youth. I was recognized by the Miss America Organization for my community service and have dedicated over 200 hours serving my community, speaking to children at schools and organizations, talking to the public, writing published articles, and built a website to hopefully decrease the bullying epidemic and suicide rates in young adults and I plan to continue to mentor young women.”

Q-You have done lots of TV hosting. What is your favorite gig in the past and why?

A-“My favorite hosting gig would have to be the one I am doing now with Gossip Meets Couture. One of my strengths as a host is my interviewing skills. I am a very curious person and I believe you can learn from anyone. Even before I went full throttle with hosting, I was always told by everyone they could see me as a host. People have said throughout my whole life I speak well and ask a lot of questions. The current gig I do involves a lot a interviewing and red carpet and celebrity events which I have always been a fan of. It gets pretty hectic sometimes having to fight with the other media crews on the red carpet (and believe me, they are not friendly), doing research on of all the celebs so I know what to ask them, and thank goodness I just got the internet on my phone so I can quickly IMDb last minute guests showing up on the red carpet! If you had told me all the cool stuff I would be doing when I was still living in Tucson, I would have never believed any of it!”

Q-Do you have pets, or do you love animals as you seem to?

A-“Yes, Tommy, I do! I have two dogs; Kujo, a shih-tzu/maltese mix and Kissy, a toy poodle. I miss them so much, they are still back in Tucson, Arizona with my mom. And yes, I do love animals! Some would be convinced I love them more than humans, although that is not true. I am a PETA member and was a vegetarian for a while until I realized I loved meat too much, but hey at least I tried! When I was the reigning Miss Pima County I also worked with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona as a celebrity model at their fundraiser fashion show and other events. A lot of associating me as an animal lover sprung from my first hosting gig The Pet Friendly Traveler and then followed on with me when I was a radio show host on Green Revolution Radio; which if you can’t tell from the title ‘green’, means environment friendly so when I did my special segment “Green Gossip” a lot of animal rights were included!”

Q-What would you ultimately like to do with your career, I bet acting?

A-“Well, since I was three years old I always wanted to be an actress. It started because I had the biggest crush on Devon Sawa (the human form of Casper for any of you growing up in the 90’s) and I was convinced if I became an actress I could star in a movie and finally kiss him! Haha the silly things kids think. Growing up I did theatre and modeling (the modeling career shortly ended when I realized I am only 5’1″ after my growth spurt) and in college did numerous plays and films. After doing hosting on TV and radio I finally realized, “This is it, I was meant to do hosting all along.” I mean don’t get me wrong if I got offered to star in a movie tomorrow I would take it, and I still do some acting here and there but my main career goal is to incorporate my skills of helping teach people self improvement and motivation (I got my degree in Psychology) and use hosting to reach a bigger audience.”

Q-What is your next major project coming up, and tell us about your plans for 2012?

A-“Hosting, hosting, hosting! I have some hosting projects coming up and mainly focusing on more coverage on red carpet and celebrity events, and also hosting geared toward lifestyle and wellness.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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