This Week In Hollywoodland, Jack Wagner, Clay Aiken And Justin Timberlake In The News

This week in Hollywoodland, it’s all about the music, acting and entertainment. Or is it? Jack Wagner is about to serenade a “B&B” leading lady, musical icon and “American Idol” great Clay Aiken’s fans are very supportive of his bid for the top spot on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” starring Donald Trump and lets not forget that there is a lot more news in Hollywood, and our favorite shows and even some film productions have restarted for the New Year. Plus, here’s all the gossip this week that made Hollywood buzz and fans around the world seemed captivated by; including actor and singer Justin Timberlake popping the question.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” look for “Dominick “Nick” Marone”, played by the amazing Jack Wagner to serenade “Donna Logan” played by Jennifer Gareis with an original song, “Will the Rain Fall Down”, written by Jack Wagner and Jeff Pescetto. The studio version of “Will the Rain Fall Down” is now available on iTunes. It’s an incredible song, sung by a great performer, and Jack has had an eventful few months. Firstly, his engagement with beautiful “Melrose Place” co-star Heather Locklear has been ended, but they remain friends, then Jack found out that he had a secret love child, who he embraced and welcomed into his beautiful family.

And “B&B” viewers love the drama and comedy unfolding between Nick, Donna and Pam Douglas. Be prepared for even more entertaining hours coming up for the trio, when Donna has a very “itchy” reaction to this fling. “B&B” airs weekdays on CBS.

When Highlight Hollywood reported last week that handsome and talented singer Clay Aiken would be on Donald Trumps “Celebrity Apprentice” which airs on NBC, we had no idea there would be such a magnificent reaction. When you work in the media, you sometimes hit raw nerves and end up being attacked by people who feel as if you are being unfair (which Highlight Hollywood) strives never to do, or that you are not giving enough attention to a certain celebrity or TV show or film. We try to focus on everyone, who has something positive going on in their lives, and we also hit hard news. We may be a bit more tough in our reportage on politics, but there’s a simple reason for that. Politicians control our futures to some extent, and they are all paid by taxpayers. So, there is no need to allow them to use the media for propaganda, as they tend to do on Fox News and MSNBC. But it is very rare that a celebrity has such a huge following, and yet their fans are so genuinely gracious, kind and supportive, generous in spirit and all around awesome! Clay Aiken has such fans.

His fans embraced his decision to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice” and they all believe as we do, that he’ll be the winner of the competition. Donald Trump is a great showman, even though sometimes his show is a bit overdone when he panders to people who have ill will against others, and it’s a shame he uses The White House as a way to garner attention and get ratings, when we face so many serious issues. But it’s great when he picks someone as charismatic, talented and genuinely kind as Clay Aiken to appear as a contestant on his highly-rated series “Celebrity Apprentice,” which thanks to Clay’s wonderful fans will be even higher rated than any previous season. Thanks Aiken fans for showing Highlight Hollywood and the world, that you back the right guy, and that you all have as much class he Clay does! You do him proud!

If you haven’t already heard, then again you must have; that Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biehl are officially engaged a source close to Timberlake tells Highlight Hollywood. Even though the couple was constantly on again, off again for the past four years. Last year Justin told Vanity Fair magazine, “”She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life. In my 30 years, she is the most special person, okay? … I don’t want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me – for instance, her.”

The source tells Highlight Hollywood, “They won’t have a long engagement. Jessica is already planning her wedding and has been inquiring top dress designers for the perfect gown. We’ll keep you posted on the happy couple!

Good luck to singer and TV judge Paula Abdul who broke up with her boyfriend after 18 months of dating. Here’s hoping Paula soon finds Mr. Right! One hint. He’s right there beside you every day! Simon Cowell! You two belong together. Does anyone else agree with me?

While Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s split sent shockwaves through this town, everyone close to Katy had told Highlight Hollywood that she was fed up with his behavior, and those close to Russell say he’s heartbroken that he had to file for divorce, and was shocked. Maybe it’s a mixture of truth on both sides. But hopefully the two will continue an amicable split and Russell’s side won’t be demanding a $20 million payout as some of his friends have said he’s considering. Remember the classy way Ashton and Demi handled their split? Wouldn’t it be a great idea if everyone in Tinseltown, and everyone around the nation also handled a split so well.

Finally, I keep being asked what I plan to wear for the awards shows this season? Not sure yet about the Oscars in late February, but I am wearing Tom Ford to the Golden Globes. And you’ll be able to follow me on Twitter. See you next week!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Jack Wagner by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions for Highlight Hollywood, Clay Aiken’s CD cover and Justin Timberlake by Link 81 Collection

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