'True Blood' Werewolf Hunk Joe Manganiello Shocked And Amazed On L.A. Radio Airwaves, Tonio Sparano Gives A Highlight Hollywood Spotlight

Every Sunday evening, L.A.‘s KSWD The Sound 100.3 has a guest DJ. On Sunday night, it was none other than Joe Manganiello, who plays lone wolf Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, HBO’s mega hit vampire drama. Manganiello had sounded off quite a play list, including tracks by such artists as John Lennon, The Cure, Santana, Van Halen, Tears For Fears and Guns ‘N’ Roses to name a few. The buff, badass werewolf from True Blood sounded relaxed, cool and spoke with a natural swagger which would make one think he’d been doing this for years. Many of his fans had tuned in especially to hear their favorite shape shifter from the show that many cannot seem to get enough of. Many tuned in from far away. One girl even got up at 3a.m., her time, in the UK just to hear Joe.I tuned in myself, and I’m on the east coast, roughly 3000 miles away! Oh, the wonders of modern technology. Manganiello, whose fan base is growing by leaps and bounds, due to his huge success as loner, rogue wolf, Alcide Herveaux on True Blood seemed to enjoy himself playing guest DJ for this radio station.

It was great to hear him and check out his play list. I liked a lot of what he played.

This will be quite a year for Manganiello, who has a guest spot on the USA Channel’s White Collar, working with college buddy, Matt Bomer.

Joe also has two films forthcoming on the big screen as well. Both of which will be released in time for the unofficial start of the summer season. Not to mention, another season of True Blood, which I’m sure he’ll be featured more prominently.

Wolfman Joe is a winner, in my book.

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Written By: Tonio Sparano
Photographs are Courtesy: Italian Vanity Fair magazine
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