'Y&R' And 'Old Dogs' Star Thom Bierdz, The Latest News, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

Highlight Hollywood caught up with actor Thom Bierdz, who stars on the hit TV Land series “Old Dogs & New Tricks” and is also Phillip Chancellor, III on CBS’s number-one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless.” Thom recently moved from his cushy home in West Hollywood to a secluded cabin in Lake Arrowhead, north of the city. “I relax more, but there’s still a lot happening,” Bierdz tells Highlight Hollywood exclusively.

“Today the new episode of Old Dogs & New Tricks airs. You’ll see me at the 4-minute mark in this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgydfxNOYYs&feature=youtu.be Tommy, this is clever and gay-raunchy: a popular webseries on older gay guys. I HAVE NOT KISSED AN ACTOR FOR A ROLE SINCE 1989 (Tricia Cast). I didn’t kiss in ‘Melrose Place,’ ‘Murder She Wrote,’ ‘Robin’s Hood’ or ‘Matlock.’ As an actor, I had reservations about doing this graphic content, but as an artist I did not – and am proud to be a part of anything so ground-breaking,” said Bierdz.

Greg In Hollywood recommends it: http://greginhollywood.com/thom-beirdz-and-jeffrey-patrick-olson-to-share-love-scene-in-episode-of-old-dogs-new-tricks-62125

“Speaking of ground-breaking, thank you to the critics who have described my gallery show at Belsito-Roche as such! The 14 original Gay Fantasy Marriage paintings will be extended there until Valentine’s Day. This is fitting since I have painted straight stars in romantic moments of gay marriage (to create [pretend] gay role models on an echelon which has none): OBAMA & CHRIS ISAAK, ROBERT REDFORD & BURT REYNOLDS, SEAN PENN & JOHNNY DEPP, BRAD PITT & ROB LOWE, ELVIS PRESLEY & JAMES DEAN, LEONARDO DICAPRIO & JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, BRUCE WILLIS & RUSSELL CROWE, GEORGE CLOONEY & JAKE PAVELKA, DANIEL RADCLIFFE & TAYLOR LAUTNER, SYLVESTER STALLONE & ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, JOHNNY CASH & JOHN WAYNE, COLIN FARRELL & MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, MARIO LOPEZ & DWAYNE JOHNSON, AND BRET MICHAELS & JAMES FRANCO,” concluded the actor and famed world renowned author, Thom Bierdz. Thom also is an acclaimed and award-winning best selling author of “Forgiving Troy,” an autobiography that is available on Amazon.com

Savage Gallery of Palm Springs will be exhibiting my expressionistic paintings with opening night January 28th. Please come to Thom Bierdz: Multiple Images. It will be quite the event. We are doing much media beforehand, including a CBS interview on January 23.

Thank you for your support. I love the laid-back mountain life, and am taking my time painting 5 commissioned portraits (which I’ll post on facebook). On another front, the American Art Awards will be soon gearing up for the 2012 season and we will have cash prizes this year!

You can learn more about Thom at: www.ThomBierdz.com.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: John Paschal/JPI Studios, West Hollywood
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