Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

'18 Miles Out' Tonight's 'The Walking Dead' ON AMC, Highlight Hollywood Review

As tonight’s shocking episode of “The Walking Dead” concluded titled “18 Miles Out,” viewers were stunned by what they saw in this latest episode that is closing in on the second season’s finale on AMC.  During the episode, Rick and Shane set off on a road trip, which didn’t end the way they had planned, while Lori and Andrea tried to counsel Hershel’s wacky (and suicidal) daughter. Then again, as they said on the following episode of “The Talking Dead,” who wouldn’t be suicidal in a post-apocalyptic world where dead walkers (“Zombies”) are making the rounds on a regular basis, ready to consume your living flesh and make you a dead walker yourself? What is going to happen with this growing and intense energy Rick and Shane are exuding? Testosterone is surely seeping through my flat-screen. What about yours?

Putting Rick and Shane in a car on a road-trip, and you have a recipe for disastrously good acting, great storytelling, and as “The Walking Dead” is known for; great writing! Wow, what a shocker it all seemed to me, shaking up what we thought about Rick and Shane, and that scene where Rick decided to come back and save Shane from “Cop” dead walkers was really exciting. It’s definitely going to have viewers whispering around the water cooler by morning!

Tonight’s “Walking Dead” focused mainly on a day-long drive taken by one time pals, and now two men waiting to find out, who the daddy of Rick’s wife’s baby is. OK, so they probably have more to worry about than paternity, and besides, Maury Povich and any paternity doctor have their hands quite full, if not already dead on earth.  But it still makes for an exciting series.  When Rick decided to tell Shane off, he stopped the car at an intersection. But the show then went in a direction that we didn’t expect. Rick then confronted Shane and told him that he knew what really happened to Otis. Shane explained the situation, by saying either Otis died or Carl died. Rick seemed to accept that reasoning, possibly just because the Otis situation was just a prologue to the real revelation: He knew about Shane and Lori.

At certain points of this season, Shane has seemed to become a very calculating and devious villain, so it was very shocking and even comforting to see him behaving a bit sheepish, looking ashamed of his past behavior.  He then promised that he’d never looked at Lori before the Zombie Apocalypse. Rick accepted that, too. But he told Shane straightaway, “You don’t love her. You think you do. But you don’t.”

That led way to the shocking choices both men made in an episode that had me grabbing my seat. The only thing that could have made it more chilling, thrilling, exciting and entertaining is if it had been filmed and aired in 3D. Don’t give Kevin Smith and the creative geniuses behind AMC’s latest hit any ideas, please!

“The Walking Dead” was a sensational ride tonight, leaving a pot-hole in my heart, and giving my brain a smoking ignition! I can’t wait for next week’s episode; and not since “True Blood’s” fourth season has any primetime TV show had this type of reaction with me.   The show airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. followed later by an episode of “The Talking Dead.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AMC
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