American Art Awards Names Seven Of Their 25 Best Galleries In The United States, Highlight Hollywood Spotlight

The American Art Awards is the only online art contest that can boast 25 prestigious galleries as judges. President Thom Bierdz, also known to millions across the globe as Phillip Chancellor III on The Young And The Restless, has named the first seven of the outstanding galleries who will be deciding the 2012 American Art Award winners. These galleries are:
Wolfgang Roth & Partners Fine Art Gallery (Miami, Florida)
McColl Fine Art (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Sunshine Arts (Kaneohe, Hawaii)
Exposed Gallery (Phoenix, Arizona)
Annie Kaill’s Gallery (Juneau, Alaska)
Monty Stabler Galleries (Birmingham, Alabama)
Depot Gallery (Ennis, Montana)
Mill Brook Gallery (Concord, New Hampshire)
Bierdz and his staff will decide on the additional eighteen galleries in the next week or two. “We work hard to get the absolute best gallery in each state to vote on these varied art images. The deadline for art submissions is July, so in August the galleries vote on electronic images in 55 categories from oil realism to manipulated photography. In September, after the votes are tabulated, I will announce the 300 winning artists. Last year AAA expanded 67% percent. Painters and sculptors were discovered in 20 countries.”
Bierdz is himself a painter, and knows full well the importance of having galleries back his paintings – and also back the paintings for the AAA artists. “Tommy, what the American Art Awards gives artists, as well as a few cash prizes, is validity. These artists can forever add to their resume that 25 of the best American galleries voted their art a winner. This is an important credit. There is no other way on this earth for an unknown artist to capture the favor of 25 established galleries at once. It is an invaluable endorsement. I love how confident my winners become, and they usually sell their winning piece. You know how it is. People want what other people want. So if collectors know a piece of art has won an American Art Award, it is more appealing and they want to own it.” Bierdz looks proud. I point out, “A lot of good comes out of this contest.” He nods, “A LOT of good. We bring art to the public, artists to galleries, galleries to artists, and their association helps each other. You can’t stop good art.”
The American Art Awards is now accepting submissions. Info at
Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Thom Bierdz’s Private Collection                          Follow us on Twitter @HighlightHwd or @LightfootinHwd

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