Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Arizona And Michigan Republican Primaries Held On Tuesday, Highlight Hollywood News

With idiotic rhetoric coming from Rick Santorum, “Obama wants your kids to go to college, he’s a snob,” and from Newt Gingrich, “If I’m President, I’ll get gas back down to $2.50 per gallon,” and Ron Paul, “Iran has a right to a nuclear bomb. We are declaring war on them by issuing sanctions against their country,” it’s amazing that Mitt Romney could possibly not end up with the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Then again, Governor Romney’s constant idiotic rhetoric that the President has declared a war on religion is actually only going to open him up for scrutiny from the public, who wonders why he, who claims to be very devout, doesn’t go into his own Mormon beliefs so far in the Primary. And if Governor Romney loses first place to Rick Santorum in Michigan tomorrow night, it’ll be a devastating blow to his campaign, and that is highly possible.
Governor Romney obviously took none of my advice, and decided to go head-to-head with President Obama in the Republican Primary, when his true enemies at this point and previously have been Evangelical voters, who frankly will never accept him as their candidate, and he wrongly took his eyes off two men, who after his win in Iowa decided to destroy him. Those two men, are not Democrats, they are Republicans; Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, who would rather put their support behind Rick Santorum and see Mr. Romney lose.  But the vitriol and bigotry that has enveloped the Republican Party for decades, and metastasized in 2008 when an African American President won the election for President, created such hysteria (“He’s a Muslim, He’s a Muslim”), that they lost sight of common sense and now that they have gone so far out of reality, it’s possibly too late for the Republican party to ever gain enough bearing to come back into reality land and find enough “TRUE” Independents to win any national election ever again.

It is very sad that Governor Romney never had the common sense or good enough Advisors to understand that the Republican Party would never embrace him, and therefore, he needed to run a Republican Primary race, much like Ronald Reagan, who went outside of his party to find his base and support, even though he never liked them personally. They were the Evangelicals, and the right-wing currently of the Republican party. However, these are the very people who now want Governor Romney destroyed, and they are willing to hitch their support on to the Santorum losing wagon in order to not have Romney as their candidate in the fall.

If you don’t believe Americans are stupid people. Just look at our history. The South fired on a Union ship at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina in the early 1860s, even though they knew it would mean a long protracted war with the rest of the nation. But hatred and desire to own other human beings the South deemed unfit and inferior forced the stupid act of treason, and ultimately the demise for a century of a Southern economy.  After the Civil War, mean and vindictive Confederate officers created the nation’s first domestic terrorist organization (The KKK), which emboldened Southern legislators to create vicious and despicable laws known today as “Jim Crow” law throughout the South, thus forcing any intelligent and educated Black American to move to another part of the U.S., though unwanted, at least they were safe from lynching and genocide. Thus leaving the South filled with uneducated Blacks and poor Uneducated Whites, and thus disabling the South to ever compete with the rest of America, and joining in more vicious and hateful feelings because of feeling inferior, not withstanding they are the reason it occurred.

Then the Republican Party moderates in the U.S. Senate and House of Representative took the unprecedented side of History, and decided to vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yes, they gained the support for a lifetime of Southern White Males, who so hated Lyndon Johnson’s decision to promote and to force a vote on these two issues, but they even now make the mistake of realizing what it did to the Republican Party. Blacks by a margin of 95 to 5 vote for the Democratic Party today. And watching idiot legislation in Arizona, Georgia and Alabama sweep impossible legislative anti-Hispanic laws throughout their states, even though farmers in all three states are mortified that their crops dried up and rotted in the fields last summer, and probably will again this year; all to pander to men, who have nothing but fear in their hearts and hatred in their souls.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to choose the one candidate; Governor Romney, who can possibly save the party from itself. But then again, when has the Republican Party ever been on the right side of history? It was in 1865, when it was the Party of Lincoln, since then, it’s become a party of hatred and inequality. And the Godfather of the Republican Party, the Late Ronald Reagan, also chose to speak, not once but four times at the (then) segregated Bob Jones University. A decision George Herbert Walker Bush declined several times, and if you remember, he was also hated by the Republican Party, who turned their back on him, and watched as the Country went to President William Jefferson Clinton.

Hatred is rampant in this party, and it’s also proof; that common sense is not very common.

Highlight Hollywood projects Governor Romney to win Arizona by a close margin, but projects Governor Romney to go in second place in his home state of Michigan, which could prove detrimental to his going forward in this race. However, Governor Romney said it best, when asked by John King last week during the CNN debate to give one word that describes himself. “Resolute.” That is just what Mr. Romney will need to defeat his own party in order to run for the Presidency in November. For all the bigots and bigot sympathizers of the past three years within the Republican party; you have only yourselves to blame for the state in which you find the Republican Party to currently be in.

God bless America from itself.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Mitt Romney Campaign
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