Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Felicity Nove's Poured Paintings Opens On Sunday And Will Be Displayed At Edgemar Theatre For The Performing Arts In Santa Monica, Exclusive

Internationally renowned artist Felicity Nove is very used to gallery openings, however, on Sunday afternoon at the famed Edgemar Theatre for the Performing Arts, where the amazing play “Why We Have A Body,” is performed, which is directed by Nove’s best friend Tanna Frederick, a gallery opening will be held for Felicity’s amazing artwork, which is natural, organic, almost scientific in its perfection and it’s going to be a dazzling and eclectic afternoon for art lover and those of us who know and love Felicity herself.  She told Highlight Hollywood this week, just how excited she is about the art exhibit at such a distinguished location in Santa Monica.  What Felicity does is live her art. Her pieces not only capture your attention, but they seem to take you into a place that you love being within the presence of her work.

Peter Frank (Senior Curator, Riverside Art Museum) said in 2010 when asked about Nove’s great works of art, “The density of Felicity Nove’s paintings attests not so much to her pouring techniques as to certain sensations and conditions, sensations and conditions that such paintings don’t just remind us exist, but inspire us to experience. In their forms, colors, and indeed their energy they conjure a naturally occurring world of vitalizing vibrancy and imposing obduracy, daunting power and rejuvenating brilliance. These are not pictures of nature, they are samples of nature,” said Frank. Adding, “After all, the paint flows ‘naturally.’ Nove may direct it and play with it, but what she does ultimately is give the impulses that are already there some sort of structural context. She does not tell the paint what aspect(s) of nature to convey, but only to be itself, to be natural, and she steps in at certain points and provides guidance. The results are as distinctive as they are refreshing; their precedents are many but their effect is particular, even unanticipated.”

With a B.A. in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, and a Post Graduate Diploma from Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Felicity Nove is the recipient of the prestigious Kenneth Myer Creative Scholarship Fellowship – a one-year’s residence in Tokyo, Japan, and the Art Directors Guild of America award for Excellence in Production Design.

Most recently, Felicity’s work has been exhibited at Harvard’s Carpenter Center for the Arts and is part of a nationally traveling exhibition. In addition to her studio practice, Felicity works on commercial projects for both film and television as an independent art director. Her artwork has been commissioned for several network shows including “Leverage” for TNT network and “Better Off Ted” for FOX television. Felicity has been an artist-in-residence at Painting’s Edge in Idyllwild, California, and her work has been exhibited nationally in the United States as well as internationally and is represented in numerous important private collections. Traveling extensively throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Nove has visited many world heritage galleries and art museums.

Felicity’s Poured Paintings will be on exhibit starting Sunday night at the Edgemar Theatre for the Performing Arts. When asked about her style and what her mission is in these extraordinary pieces of art, Nove tells Highlight Hollywood exclusively, “In this new series, I focus on the internal and phenomenological landscape.  Inspired by the poems and colors of William Blake’s drawings, my new paintings explore spatial and temporal consciousness.  Created through kinesthetic awareness and intentionality there is a resulting evidence of ones own physical experience recorded by the suspended pigments and optical effects of play-of-color, iridescence, adularescence, and reflections on the canvas.

Nove’s pieces are on the walls of our mutual friends and many other dignitaries throughout the world. My dream is to have one of her pieces on my wall. Whenever you look at Nove’s work, you feel as though light, love and nature are in the room. You have to remind yourself that you are actually inside a man-man space, and not out in a beautiful summer garden by a lake. Incredible, mesmerizing and gorgeous; and I’m just describing the artist, her work goes even farther.

Nove currently lives and works in Los Angeles, while also maintaining a studio in Australia.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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