Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Forget The Oscars, The World's Biggest Hunk Tim Tebow Spent The Evening With Supermodel Kate Upton, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

Sunday night was Oscar night and (par-teee) night in Hollywood, with some of biggest parties in the world (such as; Governors Ball, Vanity Fair Party and the famous Weinstein party), with our most famous film and television icons of this century all getting down!  However, not too far from Hollywood and Beverly Hills, over in West Hollywood, probably the most famous football hunk in America was doing his thing! He was there for one reason, and that was to meet a very lovely lady by the name of KATE UPTON, who we know now as the famous swim suit model that graced the cover and the pages of Sports illustrated Magazine.

Not only did Tim Tebow get to meet the lovely Kate, but he met a lot of other people as well, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry David and director Daniel Junge.  In all fairness, Mr. Tebow, America’s favorite Quarterback, just didn’t fly in for a party, but was already in L.A. at UCLA’s Westwood campus for its football camp, as Highlight Hollywood has been reporting.  

Having also recently signed with the iconic WILLIAM MORRIS ENDEAVOR AGENCY to represent Tebow with all his endorsement interests, Tim also has raised a lot of funds for charity and (personality) events as well, and I’m sure, all the millions of dollars in endorsements that will soon be rolling in makes him an even more popular superstar.

Don’t you wish you had been a fly on the wall to hear the interesting conversations that went on between two of the hottest people (Kate Upton and Tim Tebow) on the planet?

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Written By: Bobby Head
Photographs are Courtesy: Link 81 Collection and Highlight Hollywood Archives
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