Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

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Just one day to go, and Highlight Hollywood will be bringing you the news from the red carpet and giving you the behind the scenes scoops like no one else in entertainment. We’ll have several correspondents on the red carpet and Peter will be tweeting all the gossip and behind the scenes news and views! It looks like a wigless Viola Davis will most likely be headed on stage to pick up the Best Actress Oscar, thanks to her pal and fellow Best Actress contender Meryl Streep, who in the past two weeks has asked several Academy winners to vote for Viola over her, if she (Meryl) was indeed their choice. It also looks like Brad Pitt may pull a huge upset and win Best Actor, but that’s still a true horse race category, with each man competing being so very popular with voters.  But the big news is, Billy Crystal is finishing up his final dress rehearsal, and a source inside the theatre tells Highlight Hollywood, “Billy’s going to be even better than ever before.”

My family from back east keeps calling and asking, “What is Angelina Jolie going to wear?” As if I’d tell!  Just look out for the red carpet, because it’s a return to Old Hollywood tomorrow night, as it typically is for Oscar goers each year.  All day, a parade of stars came through the theater at the Hollywood and Highland Center Saturday to run through their lines and prepare to address their peers in front of a worldwide audience of millions.

Academy Award winner Tom Hanks wore jeans, boots at the morning rehearsal. The two-time Oscar winner and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences governor posed for photos with the show’s producers before practicing his presentation.

“Brian Grazer, can you believe it“” Hanks said as he embraced the producer. “You saved the day,” Tom told the media. Adding to Highlight Hollywood, “Are you going to be here at the door when I leave? If so, I’m going out a different door! Just kidding!” He was, as Hanks did come right out of the same door he entered, and carrying that big flashy smile.

Producer Brian Grazer stepped in as co-producer with Don Mischer in November after Brett Ratner — who had been tapped to co-produce with Mischer — resigned following his public use of a gay slur, then his best pal Eddie Murphy bailed out of hosting, and luckily for everyone, Billy Crystal was gleefully awaiting the call from Grazer! And it came quickly!

Meryl Streep arrived very casual for her rehearsal, and sporting a cut ponytail! The beauty is up for her seventeenth, yes, 17th Academy Award, this time for the brilliant role as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.”  Streep’s gorgeous publicist joked that the best-actress nominee plans to wear “17-inch heels.”

Don’t miss a moment of the day tomorrow; from my picking up my Tom Ford original Tux, to going to get a facial, NO BOTOX needed, may I add! At least not yet! And I’ll also be having lunch with some friends, including an Oscar nominee and don’t miss a minute of our red carpet news, follow us on Twitter and don’t miss a thing!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: OSCARS.COM
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