Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Lindsay Lohan To Appear On Thursday's NBC's 'Today Show,' Then On Sunday It's SNL, Highlight Hollywood News

In an interview which will air tomorrow (Thursday) morning on NBC’s “Today Show,” Lindsay Lohan begins to try to repair her damaged reputation in the industry and with her fans.  Lindsay Lohan’s next project is playing the late Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic that she says, will start production very soon.  Then it’s up next for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” which she will host on Sunday night.  Lohan is trying desperately to move past her inner demons, and reportedly tells the “Today” interviewer, “I am clean and sober, and am a homebody these days.” She also vows to stay that way, and not let her fans or anyone in the industry who chooses to give her another professional chance to redeem herself.
Lohan is perhaps the best actress of her generation. She has spent the past several years squandering that talent, and it’s taken a great toll on her both professionally and physically. However still in her mid-20s, she’s young enough to turn it all around, and not end up the way of Barbara Payton from the 1950s.  Also in NBC’s exclusive interview, Lindsay is said to admit, “it could be scary for people to invest in me.”

What is it that any Rehab specialist or any psychologist says is the first step? Admitting you have a problem. Here’s to Lindsay Lohan getting her life back together. Hollywood and America have forgiving hearts, just move on and clean up, and don’t look back!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Link 81 Collection
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