Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Mitt Romney Wins, But Did He Finally Learn His Lesson? Highlight Hollywood Political News

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney managed to win tonight’s Michigan and Arizona primaries. Perhaps Governor Romney will now see Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and the failed candidate Rick Perry for exactly what they are. His nemeses, which Romney must become focused on with laser precision in order to defeat Santorum and win the party’s nomination.  The fixation all of these candidates have on President Obama is outlandish and silly until one reaches the position of the party’s nominee. The right-leaning social rhetoric is so obnoxious that it leads all of these candidates further away from  the almost 40 percent of Americans, who are REAL INDEPENDENTS, not angry Republicans, but people who will swing the next presidential election.  The dire warning that Romney received today, showing that he cannot continue to take Santorum for granted had better be a wake-up call for the seasoned politician and American businessman.

Santorum’s silly social comments and calling the President a “snob” for wanting all American children to be college educated, is one of the stupidest things anyone could even say. This is of course except to “hardened” Republicans who think he’s intelligent, when what he actually is; is simply a bigot, a homophobe and basically a right-wing lunatic, whose mission it would be, to destroy our Constitution and take America toward the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church. He said recently, “When I heard John F. Kennedy’s speech, it made me ill.” A direct shot across the bow at his own faith, and a direct pandering to Evangelicals, who frankly despise Catholics as much as they do Mormons and almost as much as they do Muslims.  Santorum will say whatever it takes to get the nomination, and this has been Mr. Romney’s “Achilles” heel. To underestimate a hatemonger is something you learn never to do when you are from the South, especially a minority from the South. But Romney has been sheltered and insulated from the true bigotry in America. Most if not all extremely wealthy people have been. Which is why, they are often the very people it seems to pander to and tolerate bigotry from their political ranks. And if they were smart, they’d know that it should never be pandered to or tolerated, because these people will always cut their throats-politically before they will anyone else’s. This is what made Bill Clinton such a masterful politician. He knew “his Southern heritage,” the hatred, inequality, disdain for anyone who was not White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and yet, he knew how to talk to minorities and to remind them, that he has to play the “game” with his own kind, so to speak, in order to benefit the country.

Romney has absolutely no political skills when it comes to winning, and he’s learning on the job, so to speak. It’s been a costly lesson; but let us hope he’s finally learning.  The Arizona primary was his hottest race tonight. Santorum’s silly social and racist, bigoted and anti-Education rhetoric didn’t pass the smell test in a state that only hates Hispanics, and don’t have enough Blacks living there to feel threatened by (socially) or (economically).  However, in Michigan, Governor Romney learned that the “anyone but Romney” crowd was powerful, and that Santorum, without any ground base, any real funds behind him, knows how to touch these people in a way that Romney, a well-to-do American has never had to worry about.

Michigan is a failed state, one that has been in an economic slump, not for 3 years, not even for 5, but over a decade. With Florida’s Governor, Arizona’s lunatic Governor Brewer and others screaming constantly about unemployment and blaming the President of the United States. It’s obvious that the Republican party is not as smart as it should be; because if your state is suffering, it’s a direct result of your government, not just the federal government. California is a disaster because Gray Davis ran the state into an economic hole, then right-wingers voted in Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had no experience, but charisma, sound familiar? And in fact, he proved that he was not even smart enough to steer the world’s fifth largest economy back into solvency. He spent, like George W. Bush, but like George W. Bush’s supporters, I heard not one of my friends in Northern California complain about the mess the Governator left us in. They always blame the current Democrat, who is in power.

The lessons I learned growing up surrounded by bigots and “stealth” bigots was that; people are liars, and they will say anything to gain power over others.  President Reagan, lauded as the Savior of America was the first president in American history to run a multi-trillion dollar federal deficit and leave office as if he was Alexander the Great, a conquering hero. Then Republicans turned on his successor, who was a lot more intelligent and honest (President George Herbert Walker Bush), and managed to get President Clinton elected, then people who frankly had no more morals than President Clinton demanded morality return to the Oval Office, which led us into the fiasco known as the two terms of George Walker Bush’s presidency. A man who ran hundreds of billions of dollars of projected surpluses into trillions of deficit spending, and it’s “Obama’s fault!”

Hypocrisy is the symbol in American politics, but even more chilling, is it’s the symbol that most people my age grew up knowing and listening to.

God bless America from itself, and its people. Super Tuesday comes next Tuesday.  Get out and VOTE!

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Mitt Romney Campaign
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