Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Ryan Seacrest Attacked By The Dictator Star Sacha Baron Cohen And 'The View's' Sherri Shepherd Shows All, Or Most, Highlight Hollywood News

Although Billy Crystal was the one getting the laughs from billions of Oscar viewers, it wasn’t as easy to travel the red carpet without a few snafus. When I arrived, I had paper thrown at me by a journalist, who claimed she didn’t realize it was me. She was playing with co-workers, she said. That was just for laughs, but nothing compared to what E! Entertainment’s Ryan Seacrest had to endure.  Ryan had the “ashes of former North Korean dictator Kim Jon-Il’s ashes thrown on him by General Aladeen, or as we know him, Sacha Baron Cohen.  Well, everyone knew it was indeed not the ashes of the former leader of the Asian country North Korea, but Ryan Seacrest was a better sport than I am, and even laughed after Cohen was dragged off the red carpet by security.

Cohen was lucky to be attending this year’s Oscars, as the Academy had just those concerns that his appearance would be wrought with pranks and scandal. They were in fact, correct!  The other scandal on the red carpet was Sherri Shepherd’s Oscar gown, which showed a bit too much. Now we all know Sherri will appear tomorrow or one day this week on “The View” and deny that she realized her dress was so revealing; but the point will be made by Shepherd after tonight’s event. She wanted attention, she wanted headlines, and she got it. It’s just the rest of us, who got a bit more than we bargained for! An eyeful for the world or at least a billion in the world, to see!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Ryan Seacrest by E!, The Dictator by Paramount and Sherri Shepherd by
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